A fraternal organization hosts a charity breakfast in Feasterville, with proceeds benefiting the local community


Image via Stu Coren

The religious fraternity organized the event to raise funds for families in need.

A Bucks County fraternal organization recently hosted a charity breakfast, with all proceeds going to local families in need. Staff writers from Fewer dollars times wrote about the recent event.

The Knight of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization with a chapter in Feasterville, recently held its annual Fall Pancake fundraising luncheon at Assumption BVM Church, located at 1900 Meadowbrook Road. Regina Mundi Council 405 prepared breakfast trays for all attendees, with proceeds from each meal donated to local charities.

The Knights are known for breakfast series like this across the country, their humanitarian work earning them notoriety in the religious and secular worlds. Council 405 is one of many chapters in the Bucks County area; all are affiliated with local Catholic churches, whose members work to make their community a better place to live.

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Aubrey L. Morgan