A new organization for Mechanchim pays tribute to the Rosenfeld couple

This week, Rabbi Yosef Rosenfeld OBM returned his Neshama to his creator, just months after his wife Malka Raizelit goes. A new organization for the benefit of Mechanchim is being founded in their memory. Whole story

This week, Rabbi Yosef Rosenfeld OBM returned his Neshama to his creator, just months after his wife Malka Raizelit goes.

Over a career spanning more than six decades, the Rosenfelds were known for their tireless dedication to Chinuch על טהרת הקודש and their unwavering commitment to the flagship Oholei Torah.

Throughout his tenure, Rabbi Rosenfeld selflessly oversaw the tremendous growth and expansion of Moisad, and always had a special place in his heart for dedicated teachers and Mechanchim.

In an ever-changing and ever-changing economic landscape, Rabbi Rosenfeld has always ensured that dedicated teachers are cared for to the best of his abilities.

Today, with the blessing and consent of the Rosenfeld family, “Keren Hameshanchim” was formed in loving memory of the Rabbi and Mrs. Rosenfeld, who dedicated their lives to our children’s chinuch.

The dedicated educators, or “Mechanchim” in Oholei Torah give their all for our children, every day. Just as the Rabbi or Rosenfeld did throughout his life, Keren Hamechanchim will ensure that our dedicated educators and teachers are also taken care of, creating and overseeing various new initiatives.

From the crushing costs of a child’s wedding to the annual expenses of Yomim Tovim, Keren Hameshanchim will carry on the love and care Rabbi Rosenfeld had for our Mechanchim by being there for them, just as he was.

We invites you all to participate in this revolutionary new initiative.

Our children are our future, and dedicated Mechanchim invest so much in our children, every day. Together, let’s invest in our Mechanchim so they can focus their energy and resources on what really matters.

Imagine how much more impact our children’s chinuch can have if their teacher still had one less thing to worry about?
Chinuch על טהרת הקודש is a tireless commitment, and Rabbi Rosenfeld has always ensured that the Mechanchim are appreciated.
Together we can continue his life’s work.

Visit raisethon.com/kerenrychr for more, and remember! “We invest in them, so they can invest in our children!”

This fund is being created by Oholei Torah in conjunction with the Rosenfeld family and will be overseen by Rabbi Rosenfeld’s son, Reb Sholom Rosenfeld.

Aubrey L. Morgan