Afghanistan scene of world’s ‘worst’ humanitarian crisis: Islamic Relief Organization

Afghanistan is currently experiencing “one of the worst humanitarian crises” of all time, according to a report by the Islamic Relief Organization.

Afghans, especially women and children, are suffering the most from an economic collapse, the result of the combined effects of years of violence, misrule, drought, natural disasters and international sanctions.

In a report released Saturday, August 13, the Islamic Relief Organization said that due to Afghanistan’s recent political and economic crisis, a humanitarian catastrophe has become a reality.

At least 24 million Afghans, more than half of the country’s population, are in immediate need of humanitarian assistance.

The number of Afghans who go to bed hungry every day is 19.7 million, which is one of the highest figures ever recorded for a single country, according to the report.

The majority of all rural households and more than a quarter of urban households have now used all available resources and are turning to ever more arduous and dangerous measures.

This includes begging in the streets, selling their homes, selling their organs, seeking increasingly risky work, or marrying off their young daughters for a dowry to survive.

Behind these shocking statistics are real people. Every day, Islamic Relief teams on the ground meet mothers going into crippling debt so their children can eat one small meal a day, and fathers desperately looking for jobs that have disappeared. We meet boys who drop out of school to try to earn a few pennies to support their families, and young girls who marry because their parents cannot afford to feed them.

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This comes as the previously recognized former government in Afghanistan has been overthrown by the cash-strapped Taliban, and international sanctions, including the freezing of the country’s foreign exchange reserves, are worsening the country’s already precarious economic situation. .

Aubrey L. Morgan