Aldus. Monique Scott receives $36,000 donation from her brother’s company and organization

Alderman Monique Scott (24th Ward) last month received a total of $36,000 in political donations from her brother’s business. She also received a donation from the brother of former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley.

With less than four months to go before the Chicago mayoral election, Alderman Scott is raising tens of thousands of dollars in political donations during his first campaign as alderman, thanks to his brother, Michael Scott, Jr., who she replaced last summer.

Michael may be out of town hall, but he’s using his political and business clout to help his sister win her first election as incumbent councilman.

Amid nepotism concerns, Mayor Lightfoot last June nominated Scott to succeed his brother, former 24th Ward alderman Michael Scott, Jr., who abruptly resigned to take a senior position at Cinespace Film Studios.

In his newly created position, Michael Scott is the studio’s first director of industry and community relations, which develops early childhood education programs for Chicago. On Sept. 30, Cinspace donated $5,000 to Michael Scott’s sister’s aldermen campaign, according to Illinois State Board of Elections records.

More than a week later, the 24th Ward Democratic Organization made a political donation of $30,000 to Monique Scott’s campaign. The 24th Ward Democratic Organization is still headed by Michael Scott, who is the 24th Ward Committeeman.

Campaign documents show that weeks before that $30,000 donation, Michael Scott on September 6 donated more than $51,000 from his existing campaign account, Citizens for Michael Scott Jr.

As reported last month in the CrossMichael Scott in July donated $59,900 to his sister’s campaign from the same account.

Campaign records also show Alderman Monique Scott received a $1,000 donation from John P. Daley, the brother of former Mayor Richard M. Daley. John P. Daley is currently County Council Commissioner for the 11th District. Daley is also a member of the 11th Ward Committee.

The rest of Monique Scott’s donations come from private and individual donors.

The official list of aldermen nominees won’t be available until after Nov. 28, when the Chicago Board of Elections receives petition signatures from candidates seeking to have their names put on the ballot.

Vetress Boyce

One candidate who could run against Scott is Vetress Boyce, who led Michael Scott in the 2015 mayoral election. She won over 32% of the vote while he won over 67% of the vote.

Campaign documents with the State Board of Elections show that Boyce filed his state of the organization paperwork, required for candidates running for office, on Oct. 6. Boyce indicated on her application that she only had $100 of funds available at the time.

The Cross failed to reach Boyce, who did not provide a phone number, but an email address that did not work.

Boyce did not run against Michael Scott in 2019 after opening a beauty supply store in his neighborhood. We wondered why Boyce didn’t show up against Scott again. But there was speculation that Scott had made a deal that would keep him out of the race.

Sources told the Cross that Boyce was disappointed when Michael Scott failed to back her up after she asked to replace him when he abruptly resigned as alderman in May.

Michael Scott instead supported his sister, Monique Scott, who has never held political office or led a political campaign.

Of 19 candidates, Mayor Lightfoot chose Monique Scott, who won the support of Alderman Michelle Harris (8th Ward), an ally of Lightfoot who heads the rules committee, who recommended Monique before council council voted unanimously in favor of his appointment. The appointment guaranteed Lightfoot a likely new ally in the fractured city council.

Mayor Lightfoot said Monique’s appointment came after a thorough process, during which candidates were vetted by a four-member selection committee made up of dedicated public servants and residents of the 24th Ward. The committee then recommended candidates to the mayor.

After her nomination, locals flooded WVON with calls expressing their disappointment with the mayor and accused her of nepotism that her predecessors allegedly engaged in while in office.

Prior to her appointment, Monique was a park supervisor for the Chicago Park District. As a supervisor, she has tripled the number of park memberships and provides strategic leadership to ensure the parks are accessible to every resident and visitor. She also coordinated member activities and managed a diverse staff of over 20 people.

Prior to her role at the Park District, Scott worked for 14 years as a health consultant for Lawndale Christian Health Center. Since the beginning of his career, Scott has prioritized public service and giving back to his community.

She also regularly volunteers with residents of all ages through Mayor Lightfoot and First Lady Amy Eshleman. My CHI. My future. youth initiative and the Westside Cultural Foundation.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts from Jackson State University and a Masters of Business Administration from National Louis University.

Aubrey L. Morgan