Alibaba continues organizational restructuring and global diversification to beat the regulatory crackdown blues

Alibaba Group Holding Limited BABA continues its restructuring activities as planned and its international diversification in an uncertain national regulatory environment.

Alibaba’s smart mobile office platform DingTalk has adjusted its organization and staff, with a 30% layoff rate, Pandaily reports.

The Alibaba unit focused on PaaS (platform as a service), maintaining its positioning as a collaborative desktop and application development platform, and strategically invested in core products like documents, audio, video, projects and conferences.

DingTalk had conducted so-called organizational optimizations involving a replacement of routine exercise performance evaluation and adjustment of activities.

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Alibaba’s division has discontinued some modules with reduced commercial weight. The teams involved have already invested heavily in independently developed SaaS and hardware.

According to one source, the overall adjustment rate was less than 10% of the workforce.

The proportion of replacement merit pay generally ranged between 4% and 10%, compared to ~6% this year, including some attrition.

Alibaba Cloud has launched its first data center in Thailand to capitalize on the country’s cloud market and support the national 20-year strategic plan, reports the Bangkok Post.

Expenses also cover equipment, technology, business partnerships, and building workforce skills and localized solutions. Alibaba Cloud aims to develop the cloud skills of 20,000 people.

The cloud market is likely to reach $2.4 billion by 2025, with projected growth of more than 40% annually from 2022.

Alibaba Cloud (Thailand) has a registered capital of 1.06 billion baht. In 2021, Alibaba Cloud became Asia-Pacific’s third-largest IaaS provider and largest by revenue.

Price Action: Shares of BABA traded up 7.13% at $86.88 when last checked on Friday.

Photo by Fooksou Lamimo via Wikimedia Commons

Aubrey L. Morgan