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According to a July 18 LatePost report, Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili continuously adjusted its organizational structure over the past week, involving several business departments and six business leaders.

The first major set of changes concerns the company’s marketing department. Liu Zhi, Vice President of Bilibili and former head of its operations department, will be responsible for marketing the mid-range system and the main station shopping centre. Liu played a key role in promoting the growth of Bilibili downloaders and users throughout the last few years.

At the same time, the company’s marketing center will be placed under the responsibility of general manager Wang Xu. Wang participated in the formation of the Bilibili brand advertising sales team from scratch. Both Wang and Liu will report to Li Ni, Vice President and COO of Bilibili.

There are also adjustments to the company’s “main station”. On the afternoon of July 18, Bilibili issued an internal letter and announced that the reporting lines of the Main Station Operation Center, Creative Platform Department, Community Operations Department and Content Cooperation Department will be moved from Liu Zhi to Wang Yuyang, vice president and head of livestreaming business, while Wang will report to Chen Rui, president and CEO of Bilibili.

Early 2021, Bilibili separated the main station’s game department into the “game content department” and placed it under the responsibility of Wang Yuyang. Wang conducted experiments on the integrated operation of live broadcast and video content, to improve the platform’s content richness and the volume of its live broadcast business.

The Bilibili Operation Center Animation DepartmentThe main station of will be divided and separated into the “animation content department”. The Film and Television Department, Entertainment Department and Artist Resource Center will be merged into the “Film and Entertainment Content Department” after being split. Also, Bili set up a brand new data center.

bilibiliAdjustments began to brew after Lunar New Year 2022 and are led by CEO Chen Rui and COO Li Ni.

In 2019, Bili began to actively seek users and business growth. Currently, the number of daily active users of Bilibili reached nearly 80 million and its annual revenue reached 19.4 billion yuan ($2.87 billion), which almost tripled from three years ago.

However, at the end of 2021, pressure on Bilibili greatly increased. The global economy entered a new cycle and the advertising industry continued to decline. Industry oversight both in China and overseas is important. The competition is getting fiercer and fiercer.

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In March 2022, Chen Rui said at the company’s annual financial report meeting that the company expects to break even in 2024. Three months later, he again publicly stressed that the goal would not change.

bilibili will focus on exploring other content consumption scenarios this year, such as vertical screen short videos, OTT Internet TV and more. In addition, the platform hopes to improve the loading rate of advertisements.

Aubrey L. Morgan