City provides organizational support to Community Expansion Grant recipients | Office of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Policy and Strategic Initiatives

The City, in partnership with the Scattergood Foundation, provides capacity building and technical support to community organizations that have received a Community Expansion Grant (CEG) from the Office of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Policy and Strategic Initiatives (CJPS).

What is the Community Expansion Grant Program?

The Anti-Violence Community Expansion Grant Program is a grant program that launched in 2021 that has directly funded and supported organizations that focus on reducing violence through healing and restoration practices taking trauma account, as well as safe havens and mentorship. The scholarships ranged from $100,000 to $1,000,000 and went to 31 organizations.

Grants are awarded to oorganizations that have annual operating budgets of less than $15 million and have a proven track record in neighborhoods vulnerable to gun violence. By targeting funding to proven community organizations, the City puts that money into the hands of organizations with a proven track record of delivering quality, culturally relevant services while ensuring that applicants already have the infrastructure in place. place to succeed. The goal of Community Outreach Grants is to provide direct trauma-informed healing and restoration practices or safe havens and mentorship programs.

How does the City support beneficiaries?

Community-based organizations face administrative and organizational challenges when delivering vital services and programs to their communities. By integrating technical assistance and capacity building into the CEG program, the City supports beneficiaries throughout the program and offers a better chance of success for their programs. To provide this essential component of the grant program, the City of Philadelphia has partnered with the Scattergood Foundation.

The Scattergood Foundation supports CEG recipients in the following ways:

  • Quarterly workshops: The workshops are in person and last six hours each. Each workshop has a unique theme and grantees are encouraged to network and collaborate with each other. Grantees have access to panelists and subject matter experts, many of whom have lived experience of violence and violent crime. Workshop topics include:
    • Valuation fundamentals
    • Theory of change and logic models
    • Data analysis
    • Communicate the results
  • Small group meetings: Each beneficiary meets three times during their contract period in small groups with other beneficiaries and a consultant. These meetings typically last two hours and focus on skills practice and quarterly meeting learnings in peer-to-peer settings.
  • Individual consultations: Each beneficiary has access to five individual consultations of 90 minutes. These one-on-one consultations are available to the beneficiary program manager, as well as all relevant staff.

In total, the Scattergood Foundation offers CEG fellows ten hours per month of counseling.

What’s next for CEG?

One of CEG’s priorities is to provide support to our beneficiaries. The second priority is to ensure that the services provided by our grantees benefit our communities and build safer communities for all Philadelphians.

To achieve this, the city is receiving support from Cities United, which is part of the team evaluating the Community Expansion Grant. Cities United and the team will provide culturally relevant assessment of our community grantees, to better understand the effectiveness of their programs, growth as organizations, and the impacts of their work on communities most at risk of gun violence .

“To get a fuller picture of who the beneficiaries are, what they do and who they serve, it’s important for us to be in community with them,” said Anthony Smith, executive director of Cities United. “Visiting each of the grantees allows us to see the work in action and helps us provide a better assessment of investments and needs.” The organizations and people I worked with on my first site visits assured me that the City of Philadelphia is making the right investments. »

How can I find out about future funding opportunities for violence prevention work?

The City of Philadelphia regularly releases funds for community organizations engaged in violence prevention work in their communities. To find out about these opportunities, go to Office of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Policy and Strategic Initiatives website or follow us on social media @PhillyAlive215.

Aubrey L. Morgan