Community Organization Spotlight: Tahoma Schools Foundation: VOICE of the Valley

TSF has proudly awarded Summit Trail Middle School’s Grizzly Bots Robotics Program $10,000 to purchase new laptops and software to help with competitions and spark interest in STEM for our student body!

An organization committed to building maximum community and school partnerships, Tahoma Schools Foundation (TSF) was founded in 1987 by a small group of enthusiastic business owners and community leaders, who wanted to impact the future of students. attending school in the Tahoma School District. TSF works separately, but in tandem with the district to understand need gaps and provide funding for projects, special initiatives, and programs not otherwise funded by local, state, or federal education funds. Despite being one of the most coveted districts in our state, there are still several funding shortfalls when it comes to funding enrichment projects and programs for our students.

Over the years, TSF has funded various projects and needs to support K-12 students. A few of these projects have included:

• Funding for kindergarten camp and reading materials for the program

• Purchase of new instruments for the much-worn musical ensemble of the high school band

• Provides $20,000 in scholarships to graduates presenting Future Readiness in years K-12

• Funded the computers for our college robotics team for competitions

• Purchased a state-of-the-art projection system to support the PAC’s Drama Club

• We supported We the People competitions

• Provided student leadership courses to promote inclusivity

• Ongoing funding for THS College Bound programs

• Supported several mental health and wellness initiatives to benefit students, families, and our community as a whole

Our mission and goal is to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to become Future

Ready by supporting programs that provide dynamic tools and resources to our students on their K-12 journey. These unfunded programs are the same programs that give our students the chance to level up and help them broaden their experiences toward graduation and entry into our community. The Tahoma Schools Foundation cannot do what we do without the generous support of our parents, teachers, business leaders, and the overall support of members of the Maple Valley community.

Giving back to our Future Ready student programs will remain a constant and essential mission of the TSF Board of Directors. Watching our students learn and grow, becoming authentic with their unique differences and skills, and seeing our students gain the confidence and charisma to try new things, that’s why we do what we do. Without the generosity of the time, talents, and treasures of our community, we would not have nearly the diverse body of graduates each year who are poised to take on the world because of their educational and rewarding experience in the Tahoma District. – Hope Reyes, TSF

Through community-driven, event-based fundraising, TSF is thrilled to bring the Harlem Wizards back to our community this fall! Join us October 7e @ 7 p.m. at Maple View Middle School – the Wizards bring fun and delight to spectators young and old. To pre-purchase your tickets for an evening full of tricks, hoops, and allies, visit: today and don’t forget to check us out on the web at and follow us on Facebook for future community fundraising events!

Would you like to join TSF? We are actively seeking new board members, volunteers, and partnerships to help us help Tahoma students prepare for the future. Please email us at [email protected] for more information!

Aubrey L. Morgan