ClimateWork Maine will focus on specific actions companies can take, sharing best examples and new opportunities for investment and growth.

Climate change is the biggest challenge our economy has faced since the founding of the state. But if we can adapt and change, it will also be a time of new opportunities for a sustainable future.

—Alan Caron, Blue Loon Homes

FREEPORT, ME, USA, January 18, 2022 / — A new statewide organization is announced today to connect businesses across the state that want to take action on climate change and prepare for the future.

Interested companies can learn more about

One of the group’s organizers, Alan Caron, said: “We believe that the future success of our businesses – and the success of the state as a whole – is directly linked to our ability to reduce and adapt to change. and embrace new ideas, new businesses and new technologies that help preserve the character and quality of Maine, and attract and retain new talent and investment.”

Support businesses that want to be part of the solutions to climate change and are looking for inspiration, help and concrete examples to take action. Our goals include:
 Accelerate the transition to a new low-carbon economy, through the rapid adoption of strategies, policies and technologies that support both new and growing businesses and remove barriers that limit the ability of businesses to adapt and grow.
 Engage with businesses on leading ideas and practical measures that can help them reduce carbon emissions and grow their business and workforce. This includes business-to-business learning and bringing the world’s best ideas to Maine.
 Strengthen businesses and support their employees through training programs and investments that will enable them to adapt and thrive in a post-carbon economy.
 Work to promote common ground between the needs of the Maine business community, the Maine Climate Action Plan (Maine Won’t Wait) and the state’s Ten Year Strategic Plan.


Alan Caron, Blue Loon Homes 207-272-9531
Cathy Lee, Lee International 207-854-8500
Doug McKeown, Woodard and Curran 207-558-3800
Kristina Egan, GPCOG 207-210-3396
Jeff Marks, Acadia Center 207-956-1970
Megan Hellstedt, NewEco Consulting 207-274-3684
Sam Fratoni, President, Maine Angels 207-831-9327


Climate change is the biggest challenge our economy has faced since mechanization and global markets led to the decline of our rural areas and factories. And, it also opens up new opportunities to build more sustainable and just prosperity for Maine’s future.

The threat to Maine’s iconic natural resource industries is hard to overestimate. Agriculture, fishing and forestry are all experiencing significant changes today, which will only accelerate with rising temperatures, warming waters, more intense storms, droughts and floods and new species. invasive.

“Climate change forces us to adapt, invest and grow, or decline. Maine businesses are well positioned to lead a successful transformation, from the smallest immigrant-owned business, to new startups, farms, restaurants, and the largest businesses in the state,” said Doug McKeown of Woodward & Curran.

If we can build a more climate-friendly, clean-energy, carbon-free economy, Maine residents and businesses will save more than five billion dollars a year that we now send to oil and gas producers around the world. Redirecting these resources towards investments in renewable energy and sustainable solutions will stimulate new businesses and the growth of existing businesses designed for the economy of tomorrow.

Maine has incredible natural resources that can and should drive its economy. New offshore solar and wind projects; forestry, agricultural and marine industries; and emerging aquaculture, composites, and technology companies help position Maine as a hub for starting, growing, and sustaining businesses in a global marketplace.


Maine is ready to take action on climate change, thanks to the work of the Maine Climate Council, which produced Maine’s Climate Action Plan, Maine Won’t Wait, and Maine State’s 10-Year Economic Strategic Plan.

Maine’s ambitious climate and economic development goals and timelines cannot be achieved without the active engagement and leadership of businesses across the state. The business community must step up and lead the way on how the state will respond to climate change. For this to happen, there needs to be an organization of, by and for business focused on climate action and peer support.

This is the primary objective and purpose of ClimateWork Maine.

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