Detroit Tigers prospect Danny Serretti has settled in well with the organization

Detroit Tigers infielder Danny Serretti made his debut in 2022.

While the Detroit Tigers have rebuilt a draft class full of collegiate bats, and the big name was Jace Jung, other names from the 2022 draft class stand out. Not to mention, the team has already seen several players in this draft class move through the levels of the organization.

One of the Detroit Tigers draft prospects who hasn’t gotten as much attention as he should is Danny Seretti. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill product stood out early in his tenure with the organization.

There’s a lot to like with what Serretti brings to the table, and with a new culture instilled throughout the organization, hopefully he can continue to develop on the right path.

His first summer with the organization was exceptional as he worked with three affiliates, finishing the season with a quick stint with the Double-A Erie SeaWolves. The Tigers must be excited about what Serretti could represent with his strong start.

Danny Serretti is an under-the-radar prospect for the Detroit Tigers.

Although his stats were known, and it was clear that climbing the ranks was impressive, but he didn’t get as much attention as many would have initially expected. He is a successful shortstop player with the Tar Heels at the collegiate level.

With the Tar Heels in 2022, Serretti cut .365/.437/.567 with 17 doubles, three triples and 10 homers. He started with the Single-A Lakeland Flying Tigers after being drafted, where he reduced .375/.565/.688 in 46 plate appearances before earning his first promotion.

He was sent to West Michigan to join the High-A Whitecaps, where he would go .290/.413/.395 over 46 more plate appearances. With a strong performance there, he earned his Double-A call-up, a huge achievement for someone drafted in July.

He only recorded six games for the SeaWolves, but he had a 5-for-19 clip. The appearance with the SeaWolves was itself a win for Serretti. Lots to love about the shortstop.

The swing is quite similar on both sides of the plate. It starts with the hands high in a batting motion, uses a quick leg lift and lowers the foot to turn through contact. He has quick actions and can work up the ball and create solid contact.

Serretti has less power on the left side but the Tigers can aim to work on that going forward. The power shows more on the right side, and it feels like the swing path reaches uphill terrain and drives it better on the right side.

Going forward, the Tigers should hope he can harness some of that power and stay loyal to the organization. He still has a long way to go, but it was a great start for the 2022 Tigers draft.

Aubrey L. Morgan