Dolphins’ Mike McDaniel reveals play call plan, discusses organization’s ‘red flags’ and more

LOS ANGELES— the Miami Dolphins introduced Mike McDaniel as their 11th non-interim head coach on Thursday. He has again demonstrated that he will not have much in common with the 10 who preceded him. McDaniel’s hour-long press conference revealed authenticity, emotion, nerves, intelligence and plenty of humor.

The Biggest News From Mike McDaniel’s Introductory Press Conference

However, nothing matters more to Dolphins fans than whether or not he’ll be able to snap the longest active winless streak in the AFC playoffs.

McDaniel does not see this story as a handicap but rather as an opportunity.

“What have these last 20 years got to do [with] this year?” McDaniel said, “…It’s irrelevant. I don’t look at past history other than ‘hey, that’s going to be all the more rewarding [when we win].'”

McDaniel to call offensive plays for Miami Dolphins

Almost everything McDaniel does as a first-time head coach will be new. And that includes calling offensive plays. While technically the offensive coordinator at San Francisco in 2021, head coach Kyle Shanahan called the plays.

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That changes now. While McDaniel will hire an offensive coordinator in Miami — Falcons coach QB Charles London is reportedly a candidate — McDaniel will call the plays on Sunday.

The power structure of dolphins is changing

One of the main reasons Brian Flores walked out and McDaniel is in Flores’ relationship with Chris Grier soured at the end of his time in Miami. And that relationship deteriorated, in large part, because of a power struggle.

There are clear lines drawn on the team organization chart going forward. McDaniel reports to Grier, who reports to owner Stephen Ross and team CEO Tom Garfinkel.

McDaniel said he was thrilled to team up with Grier, who “is not about ego. He is not interested in the agenda. He is interested in winning.

Grier is by nature a collaborator. We expect him to show great deference to McDaniel when it comes to identifying and acquiring the type of player McDaniel thinks the team needs.

Update on Dolphins alleged corruption controversy

A day after commissioner Roger Goodell called Flores’ allegations that Ross bribed him to lose games in 2019 as “very disturbing,” Ross and Grier declined to answer questions about the lawsuit ongoing federal and a nascent NFL investigation. McDaniel, however, did not have that luxury.

His first question was about the controversy and whether he was concerned about organizational red flags.

“Red flags? I can honestly say there [were] no red flags,” McDaniel said. “I entered an organization with a boss, who I don’t think [people] give him his due. … There is no cost too high for him to win.

“The City of Miami is lucky to have an owner who, right, wrong or indifferent, all he cares about is winning. As a coach, that’s literally all you’re looking for. Red flags? No, there are no red flags for me.

Aubrey L. Morgan