“Durant lobbied to abandon the organization’s position”

NBA and brooklyn nets Superstar Kyrie Irving has teammate Kevin Durant to thank for his eligibility to play in the league right now.

According to Jake Fischer of The Bleacher Report, Kevin Durant “lobbied” for the Nets organization to change its position on Irving, allowing him to play road games for the team this season.

“Kyrie Irving only returned to the Brooklyn lineups after Durant lobbied to drop the organization’s position that in order to play, Irving had to comply with New York’s coronavirus vaccination requirements. York, sources told B/R.”

Due to the Covid-19 vaccination mandate in the borough of Brooklyn, Irving was unavailable to dress for home games. With his strong views against the Covid-19 vaccination, Irving hasn’t played for the Nets this season. That was, of course, until January 5 of this year, when he finally made his season debut on the road against the Indiana Pacers.

Now that Harden is gone, it’s entirely up to Irving, Durant and new acquisition Ben Simmons to bring an NBA championship to Brooklyn.

How important is Kyrie Irving to Kevin Durant and the Nets?

KD and Kyrie against the Boston Celtics
KD and Kyrie against the Boston Celtics

With the return of Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets will have three bona fide superstars after the Simmons acquisition and should see their offense firing at full steam.

The Nets reached the Eastern Conference semifinals last season, where they lost to eventual champions Milwaukee Bucks. It gave a very real indication of the potential threat Irving and Kevin Durant carried for the Nets with James Harden. The Bucks had no chance with all three on the floor and needed Kyrie Irving with an ankle injury and Harden hampered by hamstring issues to win this series.

For the Nets’ home games, presumably Simmons will be the go-to point guard, so he can orchestrate the offense for the Nets. When it comes time for Irving and Simmons to play together, the former will take the off-guard position and focus on getting the ball in the net while the latter will act as a facilitator.

The Nets overcame a 19-point deficit to beat the Pacers, tied for their biggest comeback this season. When Kyrie Irving returned, the Brooklyn Big 3 scored or assisted on 58 of the team’s 69 points in the 2nd half (84%). That’s more than the Pacers scored in total in the 2nd half (48). https://t.co/9WP7rsavq4

Another piece of the puzzle is Kevin Durant, (who is currently sidelined with an MCL sprain) once back the Nets will have a new “Big 3” look and hope to mount a strong playoff push. While Simmons is still expected to take some time to find his feet in Brooklyn, Irving will be the player Durant and the Nets turn to during this transition period to steady the ship.

Irving’s defense, chemistry and availability for home games are all questions that will continue to linger for the Nets. But having Irving available, at least for away games, and bringing in a bona fide defenseman for Simmons, elevates the Nets from contender status to potential favorites.

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