East Texas organization parents come together to share resources for neurodivergent children

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) — “It’s a very isolating thing to not have resources or not know about resources,” says Patricia Glass, founder and executive director of Neurodivergent Advocates of East Texas.

Glass says their mission is to bring families with neurodivergent children together and provide them with helpful resources.

Neurodivergent is made up of children with autism, Down syndrome, ADD and ADHD who the organization says learn differently.

Today they met at Champions for Children which has a class for children with autism.

A mother at the event, Masen Wymore, says she is attending to learn more about the resources available at Tyler. Her six-year-old son was diagnosed with autism by the school system when he was three years old.

She says finding resources has been a challenge, but her desire is to get her the best help possible.

“Learning about the process as we went through it, from diagnosis to current status and just integrating it into school and daily life, was quite a challenge,” Wymore says.

Wymore says she is grateful for the community she has found with Neurodivergent Advocates of East Texas.

“That’s been the most amazing part of it all, it’s just finding the other parents who love you and start the process, in the middle of it, learning from them and what they’ve been through. says Wymore.

The community, she says, allows her to learn which resources worked for them and which didn’t. She says the community was the most impactful aspect of the whole experience.

Co-founder and CFO Casey McCoy says they want families to feel empowered to come learn more and see what’s happening in East Texas.

“Every day we meet a new family that wants to come and be part of the community and we encourage them,” McCoy says.

Neurodivergent Advocates of East Texas hosts play dates, teen nights, and parent resource meetings once a month in Bullard, Whitehouse, and Tyler.

Aubrey L. Morgan