First look at Brown Girl White Coatt, a student non-profit organization

GREENSBORO, NC – Brown Girl White Coatt Incorporated (BGWC) is a non-profit organization created to eliminate the lack of educational resources in the public school system and motivate children to continue their educational journey.

The organization was started by a senior psychology student, with minors in biology and Spanish, Alexa Adams in December 2021.

BGWC is an organization that also provides resources for undergraduate STEM students who wish to attend medical and/or graduate school.

As an undergraduate student pursuing a career in the medical field, Adams uses her organization to give back to others and support their educational journey, just as she does for herself.

“I aspire to become an obstetrician/gynecologist and I affirm that every day throughout my journey in the medical field,” Adams said.

BGWC was an inspiration that began after Adams’ best friend Colin Singh-Latulipe passed away.

“I was very depressed and to escape my depression I decided to volunteer at Newell Elementary in our hometown of Charlotte,” Adams said. “I fell in love with Newell! Taking me back to where my friendship with Colin was born made me realize that I wanted to give back to kids like him who didn’t have the attention or resources in school.

Adams was inspired to give back to her community by starting an organization after seeing the lack of attention and resources at school.

“I wanted to create an organization where no one is turned away because of GPA or social status because that would neglect kids like Colin,” Adams said.

The name of BGWC was built from a protest, to show those concerned that you can assert what you want to become every day.

“To future medical students, I would say that accepting rejection is the first step to becoming a complete doctor. Always remember that at rock bottom, getting denied doesn’t mean you’re delayed,” Adams said. “What is meant for you is already carved in stone. Be patient. There’s already a white coat with your name on it. Just be patient.

Elianis Useraa senior psychology student, is currently Miss BGWC and helps create and organize community service events.

“BGWC helped me establish so many good relationships. It laid the foundation for my career,” Usera said.

Since founding BGWC, they have made international and domestic donations to Project DREAM in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, and Noah Elementary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

BGWC will launch a 4 No More program that encourages STEM students to complete their college education in four years while participating in enriching experiences and opportunities.

“As long as I live, he will be remembered and kids like him will never go unnoticed,” Adams said.

Although BGWC is a medical degree support program, it is open to all majors. It is also visible in the community, helping future physicians thrive in their environment.

To stay up to date with the organization’s upcoming meetings and events, you can follow their instagram and join their GroupMe link via their Link tree.

Aubrey L. Morgan