Fundraising organization focused on foster families and family care

CHARLESTON, W. Va. —The West Virginia State Bar Board of Governors and Young Lawyers Section held an informational event and fundraiser Thursday to benefit an organization dedicated to helping foster families.

The event at Charleston’s Capitol Market focused on Mission West Virginia, an organization that helps families with resources for foster care and offers programs to help foster and kinship parents cope the costs of raising children.

“Currently we have 6,500 children in care in West Virginia. About half of those kids are being raised by parents,” said Kylee Hassan, Marketing Director of Mission West Virginia. “Awareness and funds allow us to help these children and families in the state.”

Mission West Virginia receives grants from the state government and private organizations, but these funds must be used directly to help raise children. Fundraisers like Thursday’s raise money for items like school trips.

“It is vital to normalize the childhood experiences of these children,” Hassan said.

State Bar Board of Governors member Gerald Titus said he didn’t fully understand life in foster care until his daughter told him about a student in her class. The child told Titus’ daughter that she missed her mother and wanted to come home.

“She already saw herself as something different when she was just a kid, but she says, ‘I’m something different,'” Titus said of his daughter’s friend.

Tite continued:[Mission West Virginia] seeks to normalize the lives of children in care and provide them with the same experiences as their peers so they don’t miss out.

Hassan said Mission West Virginia plays an important role in providing children in West Virginia with childhood opportunities.

“Whether we’re funding a kid to go on a field trip or we’re covering the cost of going to a homecoming dance where they may not have had the same experiences because they’re in foster care or in foster care,” she added.

Members of the state Supreme Court of Appeals also attended Thursday’s event.

Aubrey L. Morgan