Generations For Peace ranks 1st social good organization regionally, 25th globally | I got you

Ammon News – Generations For Peace (GFP) has been ranked 25th among social good organizations (SGOs) on the Geneva-based SGO Advisor’s list of the “Top 200 SGOs in the World”, rising from 26th place in 2021.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Jordan-based organization, founded and chaired by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, said it remained the number one SGO in Arab countries and the third largest peacebuilding organization in the world.
Jean-Christophe Nothias, editor of the ‘Top 200 SGO’ list, highlighted the importance of GFP’s achievements and its successful pursuit of spreading peace around the world.

“In conflict zones, communities often reject other communities, especially those perceived as different. This is where GFP makes the difference: the organization mentors young people to bring about powerful and desperately needed social change by strengthening the mutual respect, tolerance and trust through dialogue. In addition, GFP recognizes the importance of careful reflection on its own work and the many projects it undertakes. The organization innovates, experiments, evaluates, and then expands constantly on projects that work,” Nothias said.

Reflecting on this great achievement, Mohanned Arabiat, President of GFP, expressed immense pride in GFP and those who have helped it reach new heights. “Our volunteers, staff and partners are the backbone of our continued commitment to peacebuilding. It is through their efforts and values ​​that GFP continues to thrive, transforming conflict into peace in the world,” he said.

GFP CEO Mark Clark said, “Above all, this is an important global recognition for the extraordinary efforts and achievements of our GFP delegates and pioneers in Jordan and around the world, who are striving to to bring about positive change in difficult contexts and with all the challenges of COVID. -19. It is also a huge reward for the hard work of all our staff, and a tribute to all the donors and partners who support us.”

The SGO Advisor ranking methodology assesses organizations on a wide range of metrics with a particular focus on innovation, impact, sustainability and good governance.

Founded in 2007, GFP implements volunteer-led conflict transformation at the grassroots level through its programs in Jordan and around the world to promote active tolerance in communities affected by conflict.

Through carefully facilitated sports games, art, advocacy, dialogue, empowerment and media activities, GFP engages young people to create lasting positive change. To date, the organization has trained, mentored and supported over 20,502 volunteers in 52 countries, impacting the lives of over 1,446,349 people.

Aubrey L. Morgan