GoBrunch video chat app boosts organizational culture with powerful personalized video chat rooms

October 20, 2022 – GoBrunch, a provider of personalized video chat rooms, has captured the attention of startups, midsize companies, and enterprises with its powerful video chat platform and next-generation technologies.

The GoBrunch platform offers communities and businesses the ability to create themed, personalized video chat rooms that can mimic real-world workspaces and environments. A single web-based interface enables the creation of virtual workplaces with virtual seats, custom backgrounds, built-in images and mixed media including YouTube videos, music, calendars and forms. In GoBrunch workspaces, people can move freely between spaces, such as a conference room, office, or breakout room, and meet and interact with different people. A recent Forbes magazine study showed that real-time communication in personalized video chat rooms can increase engagement and boost organizational culture by more than 50%.

“We created GoBrunch because we truly believe the world lacks live interactions,” remarked Richard Lowenthal, CEO and Co-Founder of GoBrunch. “Ideal for driving engagement with your team, with GoBrunch you can create a simple metaverse and provide a unique experience with themed meeting rooms. We are proud to change the nature of virtual communication for businesses, communities and influencers at a time when half of all American workers are working remotely or in a hybrid environment,” he added.

The US-based company was founded to bring live interactions online. As asynchronous communication has become the norm, more and more communities, businesses, and creators nationwide are looking for a new way to engage with their audience and stay connected in real time, as conferencing tools traditional systems consistently fail to meet expectations. Early adopters of GoBrunch effectively used the platform to increase engagement in ways barely possible with traditional chat or video conferencing.

A free version of the GoBrunch platform is available with no meeting time limit but with a limited number of features, rooms and participants. GoBrunch’s Gourmet plan includes basic registration and customization for $11.99/month, while the Prime Chef plan includes additional customization tools for virtual rooms, and the Enterprise plan supports multiple accounts.

To learn more about GoBrunch, head over to GoBrunch.com and start reimagining the virtual workspace for your community or business.

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Aubrey L. Morgan