Hate crime cases rise against Hindu community, shocking report by US organization

Washington. Referring to attacks against members of the Hindu community in America and in many parts of the world, an American organization said that an atmosphere of hatred was being created towards members of this community. Joel Finkelstein, co-founder and scientific director of the scientific research organization “Network Contagion Research Institute”, said this.

Joel Finkelstein, at an event organized by the “Collision of Hindus of North America” ​​(COHNA) in the US Parliament complex, highlighted key points from his latest research, saying that Hindu temples in the United States and in Canada have increased in recent months. Incidents of sabotage have multiplied.

He told members of the “American Hindu community”: “And now we see what kind of low-level protests are taking place in England. He was referring to the violence against the Hindu community in Britain. .

This is a non-profit organization that studies misinformation, misleading content and hate speech on social media. He said that an atmosphere of hatred is created against Hindus. In response to a question, Finkelstein said there was a possibility of increasing hatred against members of the Hindu community across the world.

MP Hank Johnson has expressed concern over the growing incidents of hatred towards Hindus in America. He is the only Buddhist MP in the current parliament. “We need to unite against hate against our religion, race and background, but unfortunately there have been incidents of hate, especially against Hindu Americans, in America,” Johnson said.

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Nikunj Trivedi, associated with the organization COHNA, said the contribution of American Hindus to American society has deepened over the years. He said: “We come from a variety of backgrounds, we’re not just scientists or boring people sitting in a classroom. The organization said that according to FBI data, hate crimes against American Indians have increased by 500%.

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Aubrey L. Morgan