How your organization can prevent account takeover

I’ve spent over 20 years in cybersecurity careers, working closely with IT admins, CIOs, CISOs, architects and others to understand what they’re up against and the capabilities that would really help them sleep better at night. Although tools and technologies have improved dramatically over the past two decades, businesses are still under attack. As people do more and more business online – both in their personal and professional lives – cybercrime has become big business, more organized and better funded than ever.

In addition to the increase in digital commerce, security and IT teams have seen significant changes in the IT environment. With the growth of the hybrid/remote workforce and accelerating cloud adoption, the traditional network security perimeter no longer exists. Now, secure access relies on digital identity, also known as perimeter identity.

As consumers spend more and more time shopping online, their digital expectations have increased dramatically. They expect a simple and fluid customer experience “à la Apple” as well as enhanced security for their personal data.

With the acceleration of digital spending, there has been an increase in related cyber threats, such as account takeover. Account takeover (ATO) occurs when a malicious actor gains unauthorized access to a user’s digital identity account. ATO is often the source of data breaches, thefts and other fraudulent activities. According to a recent report by Javelin Research Identity Fraud Study: The Virtual Battlegroundaccount takeover increased 90% to approximately $11.4 billion in 2021 compared to 2020.

Breaches containing usernames and passwords increased by 450% in 2020, totaling 1.48 billion breached records.

ForgeRock 2021 Consumer Identity Breach Report

Breach after breach, the cycle of cyberattacks now begins with identity. Malicious actors seek to gain unauthorized access to a user’s digital account. From there, they pivot between resources, discovering more credentials and other identities to gain better access to the valuable data they seek. The ability of cybercriminals to exploit an account as a means of entry is why account takeover attacks have increased 307 percent from 2019 to 2020.

To address these growing security and user experience issues, organizations need a sophisticated solution that removes unwanted friction while strengthening organizational security.

ForgeRock’s AI-Based Approach: Autonomous Access

ForgeRock Standalone Access is an AI-based threat protection solution that can help you prevent account takeover and identity perimeter fraud. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and advanced pattern matching to analyze threat signals and behavior patterns to create risk scores. Autonomous access is integrated with ForgeRock Smart Access where risk scores are used to orchestrate secure user journeys while removing unnecessary friction and improving the digital experience for legitimate users.

Better protection is as easy as 1-2-3

With Autonomous Access, you can treat each login request differently based on its risk score, so you can speed up tracking of trusted users with options like passwordless authentication while stopping attacks.

  1. Trusted User: A low-risk user who logs in at the same time and place using the same device. The user connects seamlessly without friction.
  2. Abnormal behavior: A familiar user who may be using a new device or logging in at an unusual time or place. The user receives a progressive challenge.
  3. Known threat: A high-risk user who is almost certainly malicious, possibly a bot, having failed multiple automated login attempts. Requests can be corrected or completely blocked.

Why ForgeRock Standalone Access?

Here’s how Autonomous Access offers highly differentiated features that address account takeover:

  • Layered intelligence: A unique combination of AI, machine learning, advanced pattern recognition, and big data delivers risk scores to help stop known attacks, flag abnormal behavior, and learn about new and emerging cyber threats.
  • No-code access orchestration: Integrated with ForgeRock’s industry-leading smart access solution, Autonomous Access features drag-and-drop configuration, allowing your teams to easily create an unlimited number of personalized user access journeys based on score. identified risk.
  • Built for business: Delivered from ForgeRock Identity Cloud, Autonomous Access is purpose-built to meet the security, scalability, and resiliency needs of large, complex enterprises. It is easily activated with the push of a button, eliminating costly deployment and integration of disparate point solutions.

Prevent account takeover with AI-based threat protection

In today’s new reality, you need a modern and dynamic solution to help you achieve your business goals. By applying AI-based threat protection, you can prevent damaging and costly breaches. Intelligence also allows you to remove unnecessary friction for trusted users, dramatically improving the digital customer experience, building loyalty and increasing revenue. Finally, with ForgeRock Intelligent Access’s comprehensive integration, you can eliminate the need to integrate disparate point solutions, achieving faster ROI with no-code access orchestration while creating the right journey for each user.

Infusing the Identity Perimeter with AI and ML is the most significant breakthrough I’ve seen in fraud prevention, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring these capabilities to customers. ForgeRock.

To learn more about ForgeRock Autonomous Access, please read the new white paper:

Fight account takeover and fraud with AI-driven access orchestration

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