Improve your organizational skills and charge your devices with this tote tray

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For some people, being organized is second nature. They don’t need advice or hacks to fully understand what needs to be done for the day or where all their essentials are. But it might take a little more work to stay on top of things for the rest of us. That’s where this Electronic Avenue Catch-All Tray Pod with 3-in-1 Smart Wireless Charger can come in handy.

This 3-in-1 tray serves many functions at once – it’s essentially the Swiss army knife of organization. First of all, it is small and elegant – a perfect decoration piece. (We all know how ugly and bulky storage containers can be!) Second, it’s the perfect space to throw in your wallet, keys, or any other small everyday item you often seek out.

Of course, what sets this tray module apart from others isn’t how cute and practical it is (although that certainly helps). It also functions as a smart wireless charger, so you can keep your AirPods, SmartWatch or phone here for the dual purpose of storing and charging. It’s perfect for someone on the go. You can skip the part of your morning routine where you tear up the house looking for your headphones, but you also know everything has been fully charged and ready to use when in hand.

Chargers can be expensive, so an extra charging item might seem like a luxury. Not this Pod tray. The Catch-All Tray Pod with 3-in-1 Smart Wireless Charger is currently $49.99 or 64% off its regular price. Considering it doubles as a decorative piece and a storage spot, it’s a godsend. You can improve your apartment and organizational skills with just one purchase!

Prices subject to change.

Aubrey L. Morgan