Integrity Watch Liberia Conducts Capacity Building Training for Civil Society Organizations on Gender Responsive Budgeting – FrontPageAfrica

Participants of the two-day Posed for Picture capacity-building training at the iCampus on Carey Street

Monrovia– Integrity Watch Liberia has started a two-day training on building the capacity of civil society organizations on the budget platform with the aim of developing a superficial gender-responsive budget option paper.

The two-day event, funded by UN Women, brought together several people from government institutions and different civil society organizations.

Speaking at the event, Integrity Watch Liberia Policy Analyst Ralph Jimeh said a gender-responsive budget is key, adding that it works for everyone.

According to him, resources can be distributed equally, which he pointed out is very essential, both for gender justice and for physical justice.

He also praised UN Women for funding the project, adding that women need to know what their rights are. “Too often, the question of gender has been sidelined. We must realize that it is necessary to distribute resources fairly.

Also speaking, the UN Women Deputy Representative in the country, Madam Pamela Mkwamba, said, “When you talk about the budget, you talk about our lives.”

According to Ms. Mkwamba, the national budget is spent on programs and other developments such as economic stability, social welfare, etc.

The UN Women Deputy Representative in the country adds that the lack of budget credibility undermines growth progress, adding that the budget should benefit everyone in the country.

“When you take part in this training, you should take it seriously because it will cause public debate in the country,” she said.

Ms. Kai emphasized that women’s issues should not be ignored. “Let’s include women in decision-making at the national level for a strong and healthy economy.

Madam Loretta Aletha Pope Kai is the President of the Civic Society Council. She said training is very important, adding that before civil society actors actively engage, they need to know the context of the budget as it relates to gender.

“This will provide an opportunity for civil society to build its capacity,” she said.

According to Madame Kai, “Anything that fits into the gender budget will mean good for its citizens. Active citizen engagement on the budget can have a more effective impact.

In addition, Mrs. Carolyn M. Zoduah from the Ministry of Finance states that the government is committed to institutionalizing the gender sensitive secretariat. She says the government has started involving the public in budget management.

“This will strengthen civil society actors,” she says. According to her, the government is designing public participation in budget discussions starting with five counties to know the importance of areas like health, agriculture, etc.

Aubrey L. Morgan