International Maritime Organization launches e-learning platform

IMO adds e-learning to its portfolio of services. The first open-access course was launched at an online event (April 7), on the sidelines of its Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR) Sub-Committee meeting.

IMO has developed a number of e-learning courses with the aim of increasing the capacity of Member States to effectively implement IMO instruments. Some courses are also accessible to anyone interested in maritime issues wishing to deepen their maritime knowledge.

The first such course is “An Introduction to Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation”, designed to provide a basic introduction to those involved or interested in issues related to oil pollution preparedness and cooperation. response to oil pollution, whether within the petroleum sector. the spill response community or the maritime sector.

The e-learning course series is being developed in conjunction with the World Maritime University. Distance learning has become essential to meet changing educational needs in the maritime industry and IMO offers maritime students and professionals around the world the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of key maritime issues.

Click here to visit the online learning platform.

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Aubrey L. Morgan