JustFund Announces Afi Tengue as Organization’s First Director of Donor Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JustFundthe first and only nonprofit grantmaking platform created by funders and organizers of color, today announced a major milestone in its mission to provide equitable grantmaking: hiring of Afi Tengue as JustFund’s first Director of Donor Engagement.

Since launching the platform in 2017, JustFund has helped over a thousand funders transfer over $170 million to over five thousand organizations working at the heart of racial justice, environmental justice and all intermediate questions. JustFunders – funders such as Donors of Color Network, Decolonizing Wealth, Amplify Fund and The Emergent Fund – are transforming philanthropy by embracing an equitable solution to move more money, more transparently, to Black, Indigenous and chronically underfunded people of color (BIPOC).

“People want to get the most out of their philanthropy, but don’t always know the mechanism to achieve the impact they envision,” said Iara Peng, Founder and CEO of JustFund. “JustFund’s mission is to help funders streamline their giving and make it simple and easy to find and distribute resources, while centering fairness and trust in the process. Now with the philanthropy expert Afi Tengue who leads donor engagement efforts for JustFund, we can take our work and impact to new levels.

Tengue comes to JustFund from Giving Compass, where she served as Vice President of Philanthropy and Impact. In her new role at JustFund, Tengue will work directly with individual donors in the growing JustFund network to move money in a way that aligns with their values, funding BIPOC-led organizations working on the front lines. Operating with a values-aligned approach, JustFund remains the only grantmaking platform that allows funders to transparently track how they transfer money into the community with other funders.

“We are thrilled to have Afi join us from Giving Compass, an organization with whom we share a long and strong partnership. We anticipate that there will be many natural ways for her to continue to interact with the Giving Compass community through pilot projects and donor education programs being developed,” said Peng.

JustFund has seen significant growth in the first five years of the organization, and to continue on this impactful path, JustFund is preparing to make a significant dent in moving the $142 billion currently sitting in donor-advised funds. . This next phase requires a precise and targeted strategy of individual donors, which will be led by Tengue.

“Joining JustFund is an exciting opportunity to elevate the stories and solutions from BIPOC-led movements to value-aligned donor networks in a non-extractive way,” Tengue said. “There really is nothing like JustFund in philanthropy. It’s a place where donors can come together to learn, partner and give with a direct mechanism to empty the $142 billion in funds advised by donors just waiting to fuel the movements. We are at a critical moment in our democracy, and I look forward to being part of JustFund’s unique mission as we fund BIPOC-led advocacy at large scale with the necessary urgency.

JustFund’s human-centered approach to grantmaking ensures grantmakers can move critical resources in a values-aligned, trust-centered, and equitable manner. Through its joint signature proposal, expert support and transparent process, JustFund has transferred $170 million to date in a timely manner to organizations, most of which have historically been excluded from mainstream philanthropy, which has become an increasingly costly and exclusive process.

JustFund also supports multiple decision-making models and greatly expands charities’ access to new financial resources, allowing them to apply their joint proposal to dozens of additional funding opportunities. JustFund’s common portal uniquely aggregates proposals into a searchable database available to individual donors, donor advisors and foundation staff to “find and fund” new organizations.

With Tengue’s leadership, JustFund plans to expand its membership offerings and services to individual donors, creating an even stronger community of JustFunders committed to moving more money to movements.

For more information about JustFund, visit justfund.us.

About JustFund

JustFund, the only nonprofit grantmaking platform created by funders and organizers of color, streamlines the grantmaking process and makes finding and distributing funds simple, easy, and fair. Committed to resetting philanthropy, JustFund is disrupting old models of giving and building new ones that are values-aligned, trust-based, and rooted in equity. Learn more about JustFund on their website: justfund.us.

Aubrey L. Morgan