Leading Effective Organizational Change – The LEGO® Serious Play® Method

The world-renowned LEGO® Serious Play® process is your powerful tool for overcoming the challenges created by change initiatives.

“Here we go again. Another change. These change projects never come on time or on budget and I’m tired of it all. We often go around in a big circle. Does that seem like familiar?

Change is a constant in today’s business environment, whether it’s incremental or transformational and radical. How we lead organizational change determines whether there is a positive outcome. The world-renowned LEGO® Serious Play® process is your powerful tool for overcoming the challenges created by change initiatives.

Gavin Wedell describes four typical responses to change: critics who vocally oppose change; victims who panic and overemphasize the negative side of change; spectators who are not involved or engaged. The change navigator is ultimately the person you would like to have on board – the person who can adapt to new circumstances.

The LEGO® Serious Play® method ensures that you can create more change navigators who are ready to adapt to the changes that occur due to changing customer demands, market conditions and competitive environments.

Here is an easy to implement process:

First, teams are more encouraged to actively participate in change initiatives if they understand the “why” before receiving the “how,” including more details and data.

During a LEGO® Serious Play® session, participants are guided through a process of building their own models, then ultimately combining them into a group landscape or super story. The method involves building models out of LEGO® bricks that reflect non-tangible viewpoints and ideas. This is ideal in times of change, as participants build models in response to questions such as: what will the future look like after the change is complete? How will our team or organization behave and function once we complete this change initiative?

Second, the LEGO® Serious Play® process gives everyone in the room a voice. 100% of people participate in each person building a model and telling the story of their model. This ensures that there is a sense of inclusiveness as the foundation of the change process. Exclusion is the enemy of a successful change program.

The LEGO® Serious Play® process also serves as a firestarter for deeper conversations. These happen on a much more intensive level because the more people’s hands move, the more their ideas emerge.

Finally, the LEGO® Serious Play® process supports many stages of the change project, regardless of the project management methodology followed. It is often used to start a project team and ensure they bond well with a common goal. It’s a great icebreaker to bring the team together to work together cohesively. The process is also used by agile teams for stand-up progress meetings and for retrospectives to identify where successes lie or where there could be improvements.

The best part of the LEGO® Serious Play® process is that you can be trained to use the method effectively in your own change process – check it out: https://play4business.com/

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Aubrey L. Morgan