Legal and Organizational Analyst Says Trump Administration Didn’t Follow Plan When Pandemic Started

As Americans begin to emerge after two and a half years of enduring the COVID-19 pandemic, the true toll of decisions made by government and politicians is beginning to be felt by children, teens, and families across the country.

Dr. Pearson, a legal and organizational analyst who has covered the pandemic, joins Dr. Phil in Tuesday’s episode, “Life After Lockdown: Families in Crisis,” and shares what she thinks led to the mishandling of the pandemic, which is now proving to have catastrophic long-term effects.

“There are three factors here. There’s motivation, there’s knowledge, and there’s infrastructure,” says Dr. Pearson. “There was a plan that existed. And, in fact, right before the inauguration of the new president, there had been exercises where they had gone through this exact scenario, and that’s what’s so infuriating… When it counted, 23 of the people who had attended this “training”, if you will, were no longer in the administration.

Learn more about the thoughts of Dr. Pearson and Dr. Phil in the video above.

On Tuesday, a mother said school closures during the pandemic had taken a toll on her daughter, and a couple say financial hardship has taken a toll on their family and caused an even bigger rift in their parenthood and relationship. Plus, psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy shares tools from his new book, Family values: reset trust, boundaries and connection with your child,, which can help families emerge from the chaos and regain a healthy dynamic. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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