Local organization launches app to fight fatal overdoses

SOUTH BEND, Ind., — Amid the rapid rise in overdose deaths across the country and here in Michiana, Naxos Neighbors has launched its app to try to bring those numbers down.

The new Naxos OD app will help connect a nearby community responder carrying naloxone, a drug used to reverse overdoses, with someone who has overdosed.

“Dependent people deserve to have their lives saved, why not? I’ve been recovering for six years and I wish someone had saved my life,” said Darlene Nivens, a community worker for the Naxos OD app.

Nivens is now a skilled responder who overcame drug addiction herself and said she was ready to help save lives.

Local first responders who have also seen a recent increase in overdose calls believe this could be an important tool.

“So if the app allows those to be properly trained on how to administer it and to respond faster to somebody they find in their neighborhood, that’s having an overdose, I think that it could have a positive effect,” South Bend captain Steve Downey said. Firefighters.

“Narcan is something that reverses an overdose in minutes and it’s so important for all of us to carry because it means we can save a life,” added Joanne Kelley Cogdell, CEO and Co-Founder of Naxos Neighbors.

Last year, St. Joseph County had a record 97 overdose deaths.

“With the influx of fentanyl into our community, in literally every substance you can think of, we need to arm people with ways to protect themselves and their loved ones,” added Robin Vida, Director of Promotion and Information. Health Education for St. Joseph. Department of Health.

The community said they hope the new app brings them closer to fighting overdoses and addiction.

“We also have resources that are very important because they can help connect people immediately to a recovery coach who can help find treatment options,” Cogdell said.

The app also has functionality to alert first responders and currently only covers South Bend, but the organization hopes to expand to all of St. Joseph County.

For more information on upcoming application sessions, click here.

For more information on Narcan training sessions, click here.

Aubrey L. Morgan