Long Island organization hosts donation campaign to benefit Puerto Ricans affected by Fiona

Dozens of Long Islanders came together Saturday to help Puerto Ricans dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona.

Jibaritos With Troops helped organize the collection of desperately needed supplies that will be sent to the island.

“To see the children having nothing breaks my heart,” said Jem Gallo. She decided she had to do something to help the people struggling to survive in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona.

She dropped off several cases of water with Jibaritos With Troops.

The Hispanic aid organization has been collecting donations all week to take to Puerto Rico so they can be distributed to those most in need.

The group had multiple locations across Long Island that accepted needed donations of water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, cleaning supplies and diapers.

The group plans to ship the items to Puerto Rico on Monday and, via a local network, distribute them within days to some of the hardest-hit areas of the island.

Stephen Soto of Patchogue also donated. He has family on the island and just knew he had to help.

“It’s a tragic thing and it’s about some of our families, friends and extended families, and we’re just trying to help those less fortunate who need resources to take care of themselves. right now,” Soto said.

It is estimated that all donations could amount to around 15 to 20 palaces.

It will be airlifted on Monday and possibly distributed on Thursday.

Gift cards to places like Home Depot that can be used in Puerto Rico or other financial donations will be accepted here after that.

If you want to donate follow this link.

Aubrey L. Morgan