Lucknow NCRB is the highest ranked organization in criminal trust offense cases

Lucknow The ‘City of Moguls’ The latest news on criminal breach of trust is in the region notorious for its food. Recent statistics from the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB 2021) suggests that Lucknow is the city in all India that has recorded the maximum number of cases related to criminal breach of trust. In fact, it is far ahead of other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad Kolkata.

Criminal Brute of trust is any case in which someone violates a promise of trust, such as in the case of a monetary exchange or the purchase of property.

In LucknowIn 2021, 1526 criminal offense cases were filed. This figure is twice as high as that of Mumbai, India’s economic capitalThe second list was compiled by, which had 757 criminal breach of trust cases and ranked second. Third place is Delhi, the national capital with 273 criminal breach of trust cases, while 195 criminal breach of trust were reported in Kolkata (West Bengal).

The NCRB report states that 3,926 cases of criminal breach of trust have been reported in the country, with an average crime rate of 3.4 per thousand people. Nearly 39 percent have been reported. Lucknow Only 52.6 crimes per 1,000 people. Criminal breach of trust can be recorded under Sections 406 and 409 of the Indian Penal Code.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) retired. Umesh Kumar Singh had previously served in Lucknow Crime Extra SP and ASP trans-Gomti For a long time it was reported that such criminal offense cases were filed in cities with high property sales and purchases. Il Lucknow was a city of a similar hue and that is why such cases had been reported here in large numbers.

Similarly, based on crime rate, Ghaziabad is ranked second with a population of 8.6 per capita. Mumbai’s crime rate in criminal breach of trust cases is only 4.1 while Delhi Kolkata’s crime rate under the same counts is only 1.7 and 1.4 respectively.

Another The list includes the city of UP Kanpur It is the eighth position, with 134 criminal breaches of trust and a crime rate of 4.6 for 2021. Furthermore, up to 181 cases have been recorded in Jaipur With 2.3 crimes per 1,000 population and 163 cases being recorded in, Bengaluru Only 1.9 percent of crimes.

The three cities UP Ghaziabad, Lucknow Kanpur They are the third to register cases related to the dishonesty of stolen goods registered under sections 411 or 414 of the IPC. place with 337 cases and a crime rate of 11.6 Kanpur With 110 cases, the third highest crime rate in 2021 was 3.8.

Aubrey L. Morgan