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Featured in the “Culture Transformation” edition, SGEi is honored to receive the award as one of the world’s most influential cultural transformation companies for helping companies improve individual and corporate performance and transform corporate culture.

Over the past 25 years, SGEi has helped companies assess the state of their culture, develop strategies to improve their employee experience, elevate leadership skills, refresh key cultural mechanisms, and guide companies throughout the transformation process. The team, led by culture expert, Travel Channel host and author of Culture Hacker, Shane Green, works to define and implement small positive changes (or “hacks”) within a company to intentionally and organically evolve and elevate its culture and the experience of its employees. .

“This award is great recognition for our team’s accomplishments with our partners over the past two years. The challenge of attracting, engaging and retaining staff has never been greater, so this award is a validation of our Culture Hacker methodology and approach to EX strategy.. Many thanks to the SGEi team and our network of experts who helped achieve this goal,” said the culture expert and founder of SGEi, Shane Green.

More recently, SGEi has developed a suite of products to help small businesses attract, engage and retain the right people. This suite of products, based on their work over the years to help small businesses grow, provides the information, training, tools and guidance needed by businesses with little or no HR support. Part of this sequel is the Leadership Performance Program, which was created in 2021 to create a format for small businesses to provide their new managers with the necessary training and coaching on essential leadership behaviors.

Green commented: “Small business owners often overlook culture because they think it’s something they can’t afford, that it’s only for big business or optional. For them, culture matters more because there is no margin for error. Hiring or keeping the wrong person or losing your best talent is the difference between success and failure.”

About SGEi: SGEi is a consulting firm specializing in changing mindsets and improving habits for frontline staff, supervisors and managers across many industries. SGEi has established itself as an international leader in the culture transformation space for companies that care about their customer experience and business performance. SGEi partners with customer-centric brands across industries, designing and delivering CX and EX strategies that ensure a profitable, productive and performance-driven brand, culture and business. Visit their website at to learn more.

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