Minnesota Cattlemen join environmental policy organization

The Minnesota State Cattlemen Association has joined the ranks of a climate policy organization to participate in the discussion of climate and environmental issues. Rural Investment to Protect Our Environment or RIPE is a producer-led non-profit organization that offers a groundbreaking bipartisan climate policy plan that works for producers and the public. Mark Pankonin is the president-elect of the Minnesota State Cattlemen Association and says the cattle organization wanted to have a voice when discussions were about the environment.

Through payments of $100 per acre or animal unit, the RIPE100 plan would reward producers for the total public value of their conservation practices, including rotational grazing, manure management, feed management, direct seeding and cover crops. In addition to greenhouse gas reductions, the voluntary federal program would pay for better soil health, cleaner water, greater biodiversity and other environmental services.

The rancher leader says the mission is to create and maintain an economic and political environment that provides opportunities for members to support and grow Minnesota’s beef industry.

Aubrey L. Morgan