MOHA Organizational Structure

On September 12, 2022, the government published No. 63/2022/ND-CP defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of Interior.

Thus, the organization chart of the Ministry of the Interior goes from 22 units to 20 units, the Directorate of General Affairs and the Directorate of Training and Retraining of Executives, Civil Servants and Public Agents. In particular, units reporting directly to the Ministry of Interior include:

1. The Organization and Payroll Department.

2. The Department of Local Administrations.

3. The Department of Civil Servants and Public Employees.

4. The Payroll Department.

5. The Directorate of Non-Governmental Organizations

6. Department of Administrative Reform

7. The Department of International Cooperation.

8. The legal department.

9. Planning and Finance Department

10. The Youth Directorate.

11. Organization and Personnel Department.

12. Inspection.

13. The Office.

14. Department of Records Management and State Archives of Vietnam.

15. The Central Emulation and Recommendation Committee.

16. Government Committee for Religious Affairs.

17. The National Academy of Public Administration.

18. The Scientific Institute of the State Organization.

19. The Journal of State Organization.

20. The Information Center.

New organizational structure of the Ministry of the Interior (Illustration)

The units are administrative units assisting the minister in the exercise of the state management function:

– The Organization and Payroll Department; the Directorate of Local Administrations; the Department of Civil Servants and Public Employees; the Payroll Department; the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations; the Administrative Reform Department; the Department of International Cooperation; the Legal Department; the Department of Planning and Finance; the Youth Directorate; the Organization and Personnel Department.

– The Inspectorate, Bureau, Department of Records and Archives Management of the State of Vietnam.

The units are non-commercial units serving the state management function of the ministry: the Institute of State Organization Sciences, the Journal of State Organization and the Information Center .

The attributions, missions and attributions of the directorate of general affairs and of the directorate for the training and retraining of executives, civil servants and public officials remain unchanged until the Minister of the Interior has completed the transfer and the assignment of staff.

This circular comes into force on September 15, 2022.

Aubrey L. Morgan