Mosaic and YWCA of Wausau unite missions into one organization

The Mosaic Steering Committee and the YWCA Wausau Board of Directors announce and celebrate the joint decision to unite organizational missions by creating a non-profit association: Mosaic of north-central Wisconsin.

Together, Mosaic will have an increased ability to serve and impact the communities and residents of the region.

Dedicated to making everyone who calls North Central Wisconsin feel welcome, included and supported. Mosaic will offer varied and responsive programs and services, including:

• Education focused on inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility and belonging [IDEA+B] • User-friendly resources and networking opportunities

• Mission-focused advocacy

Under the auspices of the new organization, longstanding programs including Women of Vision and A Taste of Wausau will continue with a commitment to breaking down real and perceived barriers to connecting area residents and communities.

“The BA & Esther Greenheck Foundation Board of Directors congratulates Mosaic and YWCA Wausau for joining their missions to become a stronger organization that will more effectively serve our region,” said Pam Jackson, Executive Director. “The need for increased education to build respect for all and an appreciation of our differences is greater than ever.”

Sam Wederath will serve as executive director of Mosaic of North Central Wisconsin. Lee Shipway will lead the board as chair; Kathy Drengler will serve as Vice President.

“The YWCA Wausau is thrilled and excited to unite with Mosaic. We see a bright future for our community as we welcome and appreciate all residents, enriching everyone’s life,” said Lee Shipway. “By combining resources , Mosaic of North Central Wisconsin will have a greater impact, responding to IDEA+B education, which is an identified community need.”

Ozalle M Toms, PhD, Campus Manager at UW-Stevens Point in Wausau, said, “As a new member and employee of the Wausau community, I am thrilled with the union, ‘two becoming one’. Mosaic and the YWCA have a history of leadership, support and innovative programs to support stakeholders in our region. UWSP Wausau supports this partnership and I look forward to all the opportunities it will bring.

Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce President and CEO David Eckmann added, “Mosaic plays an important community role, serving as a central point to provide business, industry and regional stakeholders with access to resources that support inclusivity, diversity and equality. The Mosaic-YWCA Wausau merger aligns the missions of the organization and unites two networks that work hard to improve our community.

If you would like to learn more about Mosaic or would like to become a member, please visit our website,

Watch for some of our upcoming trainings and events!

October 14e @7:30 am via Zoom, “Relationship Equality for Women – Intimate, Personal, Professional, Friendship” presented by Shannon Jarecki, Domestic Violence Program Coordinator, The Women Community.

November 4e@ 7:30 am via Zoom, “Insights on supporting American Indian Students and Employees” presented by Christine Munson, Director of Counseling and Student Success, Northcentral Technical College. Registration to come.

Aubrey L. Morgan