Move As One transforms organizational culture by developing authentic leaders

The program works from the inside out and builds teams that move from self-centered and stuck patterns to a mindful collaborative framework.

MINNESOTA, USA, Nov. 3, 2022 / — In the realm of work, individuals and organizations must become more adaptable and develop the capabilities to respond in real time to the disruptive world. Healing past wounds to become self-aware is paramount to elevating a team as a unit. Collective empowerment is essential for success and growth.

Move As One is an employee leadership training program that aims to prepare leaders for an ever-changing and increasingly interconnected, interdependent and complex future. The program facilitates the emergence of collective leadership that addresses challenges in a more integrated, intentional and authentic way.

Authentic leadership emerges from mindful, mindful awareness that inspires meaningful, co-creative engagement to care for the whole. The unique program helps leaders become masterful agents of change who synchronize their emotional awareness with the highest wisdom of their work.

Beyond traditional leadership adjectives such as assertive, inspiring, and confident, Authentic Management approaches leadership with sincerity, self-awareness, and open communication. By continually expressing mindful awareness, an authentic leader can engender loyalty and trust within their team and organization to promote job satisfaction.

In the Authentic Leadership program, leaders learn to move beyond current conditioning to heal trauma that can inhibit their effectiveness as managers. By motivating them from within, they can connect with their emotional intelligence and propagate others to develop skills that make them thrive and succeed. Alignment with body and wisdom emerges a clarity that activates the energies of inspiration and resilience.

Cultivating the Move As One system moves the community in rhythm to increase performance and productivity. The program rekindles motivation which, in turn, improves decision-making and leadership skills. The ability to communicate openly and engage in teamwork that facilitates fundamental system change is the eventual intent of the training.

An extension of the Authentic Leadership program is the Mindful Manager program. The course helps new and experienced managers align with their targeted orientation by adopting the core curriculum essentials. The program inspires and supports their wisdom to stay mindful of their pace to fulfill their purpose of being authentic and collaborative leaders. Additionally, they can appreciate their value and contributions, which develops financial well-being.

The program is designed in a tactful five-part series that facilitates mindful leadership through a fun game format. In chronological order, the stages begin with clarity of purpose and gradually move to self-awareness, a balanced teamwork framework, commitment, and finally, cultivating a culture of flourishing work.

“My intentions behind these offerings are to help nurture our intuitive wisdom by releasing old paradigms and imbalanced wounds to enable self-compassion,” says Founder and Creator of the Employee Leadership Training Program, Julie Delene. .

About Move As One:
The Move As One system helps leaders and teams co-create and modify human behavior to be more mindful and collaborative. Using the 5 Mindful Moves™, the program guides organic and co-creative growth by combining mindfulness with strategic leadership, execution performance and ecosystem awareness.

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