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The annual report, produced by the Partnership for Public Service and the Boston Consulting Group, offers the most comprehensive assessment of how federal public servants view their jobs and workplaces, providing employee perspectives on leadership , compensation, innovation, work-life balance and other issues.

“As we have done in recent years, we are using this information to take a hard look at areas that can make work here more meaningful, useful and impactful,” said NAVWAR Executive Director John Pope. “We are focused on using this valuable feedback to drive and shape new policies and initiatives to continue down the path of creating a workforce where everyone can perform to their fullest potential.”

Rankings are determined by an agency’s Best Places to Work Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Score, which measures employee satisfaction, workforce engagement, and willingness to put in discretionary efforts to get results. The score is calculated using a proprietary weighted formula that examines responses to three questions from the Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employee Perspectives Survey (FEVS), including:

• I recommend my organization as a good place to work.
• All in all, how satisfied are you with your work?
• All in all, how satisfied are you with your organization?

Notably, NAVWAR had an Engagement and Satisfaction score of 77.2, the second highest in the command’s history, and well above the US government average of 64.5.

Although the rankings do not cite specific programs or policies that contribute the most to a given organization’s ranking, FEVS survey results showed that the NAVWAR workforce ranked in the top quartile of respondents. in the areas of effective leadership, employee skills/mission fit, innovation and work-life balance.

Prioritizing the development of a world-class workforce is one of the goals set out in NAVWAR’s recently released Strategic Vector 2022, a document that aligns the command with the Chief of Naval Operations Navigation Plan and outlines a data-driven approach to making NAVWAR the world’s leading provider of information warfare capabilities leading to operational dominance from the seabed to space.

Areas of effort that support this goal include a continuum of data science education, free web-based training through Udemy, a distinguished internal speaker series, an annual supervisor forum, wellness coaching, policies telecommuting and remote working and opportunities for external rewards and recognition.

The 2021 Best Workplaces ranking included 502 federal organizations: 17 large federal agencies, 24 medium-sized agencies, 29 small agencies and 432 sub-components. NAVWAR has been included in the agency subcomponent category as a subcategory of DON.

NAVWAR survey results include deployment of NAVWAR Headquarters, Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific, NIWC Atlantic, Program Executive Office (PEO) Command, Control, Computers, Communication and Intelligence (C4I) , PEO Digital and Enterprise Services and PEO Manpower , logistics and business solutions.

NAVWAR identifies, develops, delivers and maintains information warfare capabilities and services that enable naval, joint, coalition and other national missions operating in the domains of warfare, from the seabed to space and through cyberspace. NAVWAR is made up of more than 11,000 civilian, active duty and reserve professionals located around the world.

Aubrey L. Morgan