New organization to represent women in the meat industry

New organization to represent women in the meat industry

The meat industry welcomes a new organization formed by women, representing women. The Women’s Meat Industry Network serves to connect women in the industry to mentors and growth opportunities, from entry level to C-suite.

Cheyenne McEndaffer, director of export services for the US Meat Export Federation, is a co-founder of WMIN. The meat industry, like many others, has seen women working primarily in specific roles such as marketing or human resources.

Although it was launched earlier this year, McEndaffer says the organization has been in the making for two years…one of the main goals being professional development.

“There are two levels, there are technical trainings that we can offer. We already have amazing Intel among our 500+ members that we can leverage, you know, it could be one-on-one maintenance, but it could also be things like return to work, virtual burnout, negotiation of a raise. Mentoring is also going to be central to what we do, not just top-down but also reverse mentoring, because we really see this feedback to management about things that are working or not working in a business. as beneficial for employee retention, which every industry struggles with. And then finally, it would be networking, which again builds this community.

This USMEF report highlights the underrepresentation of talent for technical roles due to the lack of training and education offered in the United States

“With our land grant system in the United States, we have the best university meat science programs in the world, and we have incredible talent coming out of those programs. And if you look at those programs, from a demographic point of view, I would say that at least half or the majority of those programs are women. But when you walk into certain areas of our industry, they’re not there. I don’t know where they went. What are the misconceptions and real perceptions and barriers we can overcome to attract and retain talent in what we see as an incredible industry that we can be a part of? »

The organization caters to people from all sectors of the meat industry and is not limited to women. More information about WMIN and their mentorship, professional development and networking opportunities is available at

Aubrey L. Morgan