New Organizational Structure of Vietnam News Agency

On October 26, 2022, the Ministry of Transport issued Decree No. 87/2022/ND-CP defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Vietnam News Agency.

Accordingly, the Vietnam News Agency is a government-affiliated agency that performs the function of the state news agency in the publication and dissemination of official Party and state news and materials… collects and provides information through various types of press and multimedia communications.

The organizational structure of Vietnam News Agency includes 28 units:

1- The Editorial Secretariat and the Department of External Affairs.

2- The Office;

3 – The Organization and Personnel Department;

4-The Department of Planning and Finance;

5- The National Information Service.

6- The National Information Service.

7- The World News Department.

8 – The Photo Department.

9- The economic news service.

10 – The Information-Documentation and Graphics Center.

11 – Vietnam News Agency TV Center.

12 – Tin Tuc Newspaper (News).

13 – Thao – Van Hoa newspaper (Sports and Culture).

14 – VietnamPlus online newspaper.

15 – Vietnam News newspaper.

16 – Le Courrier du Vietnam newspaper.

17 – Review of Vietnamese Law and Legal Forum.

18 – Imagery of Vietnam.

19 – Ethnic minority and pictorial mountainous region.

20 – Vietnam News Agency Publishing House.

21 – Vietnam News Agency South Office.

22 – Vietnam News Agency Central and Central Highlands Bureau.

23 – The resident offices of the Vietnam News Agency in the provinces and cities managed by the center are established in accordance with the law.

24 – Overseas Resident Offices of Vietnam News Agency established in accordance with law.

25 – The technical center of the Vietnamese press agency.

26 – The training center of the Vietnamese news agency.

27 – Vietnam News Agency Communications Development Center.

28 – Vietnamese News Agency International Cooperation Center.

Within this framework, the units specified in points (1) to (4) of this article assist the Director General of the Vietnam News Agency. The units specified in (5) through (24) are information units. Units specified in (25) through (28) are information service units.

New Organizational Structure of Vietnam News Agency (Illustration)

The Office comprises 06 divisions, and the Directorate of Planning and Finance comprises 04 divisions.

Vietnam News Agency is headed by the General Manager and no more than 04 Deputy General Managers.

The Managing Director and Deputy Managing Directors of the Vietnam News Agency are appointed and relieved of their duties by the Prime Minister in accordance with law.

The Director General is responsible to the Government and the Prime Minister for all activities of the Vietnam News Agency. The deputy managing directors assist the managing director and assume responsibility before the managing director and the law for the tasks entrusted to them.

Compared to Decree No. 118/2017/ND-CP, the new organizational structure of the Ministry of Education and Training no longer includes 02 units including: the Examinations Department and the Computer Center.

Decree No. 87/2022/ND-CP comes into force on November 01, 2022.

Aubrey L. Morgan