Nick Sirianni calls Eagles organization the best he’s been with, and ‘it’s not particularly close’

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni spoke to reporters on Saturday and talked about giving team owner/CEO Jeff Lurie a match ball after their Thursday night football win and hailed the organization as the best he had been a part of. He also talked about meeting Jalen Hurts while with Brian Daboll and why the Eagles are so successful at sneak QB.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

On Miles Sanders this season

“I just think he runs hard. I think he sees the field well. He protects football. I think it blocks well. I just think his pass protection has even improved a lot compared to last year.

So just playing good all-around football. I don’t think there is anything special. I truly believe that all parts of his game have continued to improve.

On Jeff Lurie and the Eagles organization

“I think it’s the best organization I’ve ever been in, and for me it’s not particularly close. It’s just [Jeff Lurie] does anything and everything to give us the resources we need to do our job.

Sirianni explained that when you’re in a profession where parity is so tight between the 32 teams, every little detail matters. He pointed out that Lurie gives the team all the resources they need to do their job, whether it’s providing a great facility or making sure they have the equipment they need. on the field and in the training room.

“I mean, it’s just endless.

It is special. It’s unique and it’s unique to this place. I think it was on full screen Thursday night. I would give him a match ball after every win, because obviously those things are important after every win, after every week.

The head coach noted how hard it is to get a guy’s body ready for a Thursday night game after playing on Sunday, but their access to the resources they needed allowed them to do just that.

“He will do anything and everything he can do to help us win, and I’m just grateful to have an owner like that. It’s special. It’s really special.

So, I thought it was appropriate to throw match point at him.

On Brian Daboll and Jalen Hurts

Sirianni was asked about Brian Daboll and what the former Alabama offensive coordinator told him about Jalen Hurts. He remembers Daboll talking about Hurts’ focus and how he was a great student of the game. Sirianni was actually with Daboll the first time the Eagles head coach met Hurts at the Combine.

“Now Brian doesn’t text me like, ‘Hey, that’s what we did with Jalen. We are obviously enemies now. But I remember that moment at the combine where we met, and then the good things Brian Daboll said about Jalen afterwards.

On the stealth QB

Sirianni explained that they build confidence in a play through preparation, practice, and the success they have had in directing it.

“I think it depends on who plays those positions with Jalen. [Hurts] and with Jason [Kelce]. These aren’t really big secrets. Jason and Isaac [Seumalo] and Landon [Dickerson] and way [Johnson] and Jordan [Mailata] and Jalen and whoever else contributes to it, like no big secret. These guys are just forcing their way and doing it because that’s who they are as players.

Other notables

  • Sirianni doesn’t expect Avonte Maddox to play on Monday night, and they believe Josiah Scott will be his replacement.
  • Around this time last year, the head coach came under so much criticism for saying the team was like a flower and taking root. Sirianni said it’s not like he’s coming back to say, “I told you so,” but it’s encouraging to see the results of their daily process.

“Now we’re results conscious but process oriented, and we’ll talk about it all the time because we know that if we keep sticking to the process, good things will happen.”

  • Back when the Eagles were playing the Cardinals, TE Zach Ertz mentioned how during team meetings in Philadelphia, if you make a mistake, your number is displayed on the screen. Sirianni elaborated, saying it’s not something he’s done elsewhere, but it adds another level of accountability – noting that the names of the coaches are also displayed.

Aubrey L. Morgan