Notable LA Angels prospect praises organization for development

Yes Coleman’s Crow isn’t on your radar for prospects this 2022 season, he very well should be because he’s been through the LA Angels’ minor league system.

According to, Crow is ranked 23 in the Angels system, surrounded by guys like Brendon Davis (#22) and Werner Blakely (#24).

He is due to start Tuesday for the Rocket City Trash Pandas and is looking to continue an impressive 2021 and off-season.

Since joining the LA Angels organization after the team took him in the 28th round of the 2019 MLB Draft, Coleman Crow has quickly caught up as the team’s Double-A affiliate. He pitched for their Low-A organization, the Inland Empire 66ers, in 2021 and even pitched in the Arizona Fall League in the offseason. After taking part in the Fall Stars Game, the equivalent of the AFL All-Star Game, he is ready to take the next step.

“The biggest problem was that I didn’t work on my switch. I never used the switch in high school because I didn’t really need it obviously. I had a good fastball and a slider and the high school hitters aren’t the best. It’s gotten a lot better and that’s something I continue to develop with the pitching coaches.”

– LA Angels pitcher Coleman Crow

He mentioned how good his slider was in high school, and it’s on his merits because has his slider as its best developing pitch – with a score of 55 on the 20/80 grading scale. . His fastball and changeover are rated at 50 which is average so if he develops it further he will become an effective starter for the team.

Crow is definitely a competitor on the pitching mound and he shows it when he starts by attacking as much of the strike zone as possible. He knows he’s not a big guy on the mound, but size clearly doesn’t matter as long as you can get the batters out. He gave a quick rundown of his stuff and what to look out for when he debuts.

“I like being proud of you, throwing a lot of punches, trying to be in the zone,” Crow said. “I want to attack the zone, attack the zone. I’m a bit aggressive on the mound, I’m definitely a bit fiery, I love to compete.”

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That aggressiveness on the mound paid off until he was set to make his Double-A pitching debut on Tuesday. Depending on his development with the Trash Pandas, he could work his way through the Angels farm system fairly quickly, like he did with the 66ers. He’s definitely someone to put on your radar for Angels prospects and see how he develops down the road.

Aubrey L. Morgan