Organization donates $50,000 to Prince George RCMP Victim Services

The donation will be used to purchase a new vehicle for the service, which supports victims of crime.

Being the victim of a crime can be a traumatic and upsetting experience.

But when a crime occurs, the two staff and 15 dedicated volunteers of the Prince George RCMP Victim Services Unit are available to help victims in the days and weeks that follow.

“They provide emotional support, legal accompaniment and guidance, assistance with completing financial compensation forms, referrals for advice, legal and community resources and information on criminal investigations updating clients on the status of their case as the investigation process progresses,” the city’s utility director said. safety Adam Davey wrote in a report to city council on Monday. “The RCMP Victim Services Unit has graciously received a $50,000 grant to purchase a new victim services vehicle from a local organization who wishes to remain anonymous until they have issued a press release sometime after board approval.

The unit’s current vehicle, which was also donated, is 16 years old and the unit is looking to replace it with a more reliable vehicle, Davey wrote. The $50,000 donation will cover the cost of purchasing a new vehicle for the unit.

“The unit uses its vehicle as a mobile office, providing shelter and transportation to victims, witnesses and families while traveling to the scene,” he added. “The RCMP Victim Services Unit would like to thank the local donor for supporting the purchase of a much needed replacement vehicle for victim services. Upon council approval, the vehicle will be purchased for the unit and will be added to the city’s fleet inventory by early September.

Council will consider approving the purchase of the vehicle at Monday’s regular council meeting.

Aubrey L. Morgan