Organization Hosts Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner to Feed Community in Southwest Philadelphia

A community in Southwest Philadelphia gathered Tuesday night for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and to make sure everyone’s tables were full this holiday weekend.

The party, hosted by Youngest in Charge, took place at Myer’s Recreation Center. A video released by the organization showed a line wrapped around the building.

“We’ve provided nearly 1,000 turkeys to the community and right now we’re providing food to up to 500 people in the community,” said Youngest In Charge founder Saul Landers.

Entrepreneurs and organizations have joined Landers in providing food and other resources to community members in need during the holiday season.

“I hope they leave feeling grateful, I hope they leave feeling happy and knowing that someone here cares about them,” said Chante Hall-Brand, publicist for Brand Builder.

Landers believes Tuesday’s event shows young people the importance of reinvesting in your community to ensure no one is left behind.

“Show young people that anything is possible,” Landers said. “I can come back and sponsor a whole dinner and get different organizations together.”

The Southwest Philadelphia community that came to the dinner made their appreciation known.

“It means a lot because it brings the kids together, the older people can share some wisdom with the younger ones and support them,” Kevin White said.

Aubrey L. Morgan