Organization XIII’s 10 Strongest Members, Ranked

Kingdom Hearts is a crossover series between two beloved franchises that has captivated fans since 2002 when the first game was released. In the majority of these games, the player is put in the rather oversized shoes of Sora, a simple island boy who has traveled to various Disney-owned worlds, and even a few original ones.

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While the first game played more Disney and retained original plot details until the end, the series evolved – as did the storytelling – to include more complex elements. Among these intricate elements are the various enemies that Sora has fought against. Of all of Sora’s enemies, the most infamous is the mysterious Organization XIII, which seeks to control Kingdom Hearts for its own interests.

ten Luxord games caused Sora and his friends a lot of trouble

Of all the Organization XIII members Sora has fought, Luxord presented the most unique challenge. Instead of a direct battle, Luxord makes its battles a card game. Not to be confused with the chain of memories Combat system, but the way Luxord handles its battles is done more through player-style mini-games. Things like aligning all the O’s in Sora’s command menu or finding his card from a selection of several. Its data battle in Kingdom Hearts 3 escalates things by tricking Sora into hiding his card from any camera angle.

9 Marluxia’s machinations in Castle Oblivion forced Sora to sleep for a year

Marluxia for the strongest members of Organization XIII

Marluxia’s group in Castle Oblivion was Sora’s first real introduction to this mysterious organization in the series proper, except for his fight with the mysterious Unknown near the end of the first. Kingdom Hearts Game. In chain of memories, Marluxia leads Sora through Castle Oblivion in hopes of manipulating him into helping him betray Organization XIII.

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It was a surprise that despite this betrayal he showed, Marluxia was still allowed to return to Xehanort’s true Organization XIII and serve as a vessel of darkness. Marluxia has shown immense power with her manipulation of darkness and DOOM Magic, in the end Sora was able to overpower it twice, the last time helping him to come to his senses and remember his past.

8 Ansem, Seeker of Darkness was Sora’s first true enemy.

Ansem for members of the strongest organization XIII

The villain who started the events of the first Kingdom Hearts is none other than Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Although he never properly met before the game’s final act, the effects of his actions can be seen throughout the game, especially once Sora’s party arrives at Hollow Bastion.

His obsession with darkness is unparalleled compared to any other antagonist in the series; even Master Xehanort wanted more of a balance between the two sides more than he did. The effects of Ansem’s actions also weighed heavily on Riku’s character arc, setting him on a path to redemption from the dark path he took in the first game.

seven Despite his best efforts to resist, Xion eventually needed Roxas’ help to return to Sora.

Xion for the strongest members of Organization XIII

One of the most tragic members of Organization XIII is Xion, originally introduced during the time of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days, Xion was the fourteenth member of the organization who joined Roxas soon after. Her true purpose wasn’t something she wouldn’t learn until much later, as she began to become her own person.

The real purpose for which Xemnas created her was to absorb Sora’s memories of Roxas and take her place. This plan was ultimately thwarted by her when she forced Roxas to eliminate her, forcing her to return to Sora. The previous fight that followed was one of the most grueling and emotionally tense fights Roxas had ever been involved in.

6 The original leader of Organization XIII was in Xehanort’s true plan

Xemnas for the strongest members of Organization XIII

Xemnas was the leader of the first incarnation of Organization XIII, which Sora found himself up against several times throughout the series. His actions had a direct impact on the lives of several characters in the story, including Roxas, Xion, Ansem the Wise, and Kairi.

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Xemnas’ powers were far from weak, especially with his ability to manipulate nothingness and conjure lasers. He almost claimed a victory over Sora and Riku several times, though he was shot at the end of these encounters.

5 The key to fate, Roxas, is always there for his friends

Roxas for the strongest members of Organization XIII

As Sora’s person, Roxas was still able to wield the keyblade, making him powerful from the stagger. Xemnas was originally able to keep Roxas under his control with the same manipulations he did with the rest of the Organization members, but over time this wouldn’t work as Roxas began to become more self-aware. -same.

Ultimately, Roxas’ self-awareness led him to punch the organization and leave, defeating Saix on the way out. Roxas’ power increased after defeating Xion, where he learned the Sync Blade ability which allowed him to wield both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades. He also nearly defeated Riku and Sora in direct confrontations.

4 Vanitas beat a Keyblade Master twice

Vanitas for the strongest members of Organization XIII

Of the darknesses Xehanort has gathered, Vanitas is the one who has shown the most aggression towards her enemies. Where most of the members would leave after taunting Sora, Vanitas decided to make a move to try and get Ventus out of him.

Vanitas has also shown direct contempt for people like Aqua, whom he has fought many times and nearly killed twice. Despite this immense power at his disposal, his only weakness is his counterpart, Ventus, who holds the light that his darkness lacks.

3 Young Xehanort’s time manipulation antics are a challenge

young Xehanort for the strongest members of Organization XIII

The younger time-traveling incarnation of Xehanort has proven to be a thorn in Sora’s side time and time again, starting with the events of Dream drop distance, where it is later revealed that he was leading Sora down the path of conceiving his Elder. He is eventually defeated by Riku at the end of this match, but he makes a full comeback in Kingdom Hearts 3 to antagonize Sora more directly.

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Xehanort does this in the Toybox world by taunting Sora about how the darkness of being alone is stronger than the light of friendship, leading Woody to tell him. At the end of his Keyblade War conflict with Sora, Xehanort doesn’t even go gracefully, he gives Sora one last taunt about his impending doom.

2 The 7 Guardians of Light didn’t stand a chance against Terra-Xehanort without outside help

Terra Xehanort for the strongest members of Organization XIII

At the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3of the last conflict, Terra-Xehanort returns. Initially, tricking Ven into thinking he’s Terra, he uses this opening to get a cheap shot at the young keyblade wielder. Things go downhill from then on as he continues to punch around the keyblade wielders before Donald and Goofy intervene to thwart his plan and eliminate him.

It doesn’t matter in the end, as the Seven Guardians of Light lose before the real conflict begins and Sora ends up having to get back on his feet and save everyone else’s hearts from a Heartless Lich. before he can return to the present. With Terra’s help, Terra-Xehanort is permanently stopped and Terra’s body is returned to him.

1 Wielding the X-Blade, Master Xehanort was nearly unstoppable

Master Xehanort for the strongest members of Organization XIII

The real mastermind of Organization XIII is its most powerful member, Master Xehanort, who, in addition to his many decades of experience as a keyblade master, also seemed to have dreamed up just about every part of his plans. By creating this group, he would split his heart between thirteen ships and have those thirteen fight the Seven Lights to bring back the prize he wanted, the X-Blade. His plan after that was to cause a massive world reset to remove the dark and impure hearts from those worlds. What he could never have explained was Sora’s involvement in the failure of his plans and that no matter how powerful the X-Blade was, it would never resist the power of Sora and his friends.

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