organizational AD ready for inaugural school year | Sports

After years of development, Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Verrado Way is entering its first year of operation.

A brand new school comes with unique challenges, but the organization’s athletic director, Robb Floco, is up to the task and has a plan.

“We’re going to be (grades 9-11) this year,” Floco said. “This year, it’s about building a foundation. The second year will focus on building a strong competition culture. In year three, we should go to the AIA and have the foundation to represent the West Valley competitively. I would say we have a three year plan as we increase enrollment and move up (grades 9-12).

“We want to build our programs from the ground up. Our largest population of student-athletes right now are ninth graders. We want to gain experience, but we’re not going to throw it to the wolves. We are realistic within our organization that there needs to be a process to establish our presence in our community that we are going to offer these programs.

Floco is confident that the brand new facilities offered to student-athletes will attract future students to the school.

“It’s amazing the facilities we’re going to provide here on the west side of Phoenix,” he said. “I think our location is amazing, in terms of attracting students.

“We have set up a grass football pitch, which on the west side is not as normal as other areas of the valley. We have a great basketball and volleyball facility that will accommodate two sports at the same time with a splitter. Two full fields will allow our student-athletes to have availability. Our weight room has incredible equipment that will allow our student-athletes to develop that foundation, their mental toughness and their physical strength so they can perform at a high level.

Floco has worked in the field of education for 20 years and has served as Dean, Deputy Principal and Athletic Director at various schools. He is excited to use his skills to provide a quality educational experience for student-athletes as well.

“Our school is going to provide a complete student-athlete experience,” Floco said. “One of our best programs is our STEM program. … We hope to be part of the elite academic and athletic programs on the west side of Phoenix. That’s our goal. That’s why we’ve invested in our facilities. the growth that’s happening on the west side of Phoenix and with our availability right off the freeway, we just think we’re going to create a great experience for our student-athletes.

“We want to make sure we lay the foundations for them to move to a traditional four-year (school). We have also partnered with West-MEC and its CTE program. This way, they can also have a great experience with trading programs. »

Aubrey L. Morgan