Outdoor organization Latinx plans to establish chapter in Wyoming

Latin outside is a national organization that wants to create space in conservation and outdoor recreation specifically for the Latinx community. They’re looking to start a chapter in Wyoming.

Cassie Castillo, Laramie’s ambassador, said the people she works with feel left out of the hiking and camping world. She works with the Wyoming Latina Youth Conference at the University of Wyoming in October to increase the visibility of the organization.

“Our stories have long been, I wouldn’t say ignored, but they haven’t been brought to light. And so that’s our way of reclaiming some of that and making sure that we have that space for our stories to be reflected in that outdoor culture,” she said.

Castillo said the idea behind starting a chapter was to create a community of Latinx people in Wyoming. She often says that she is the only person of color in these outdoor spaces.

“This need[s] to redefine what it means to be outdoors. We come together to create more space for Latinx identities to engage and participate and be welcomed out into the different capacities that are part of our culture, part of our heritage, part of our heritage,” a- she declared.

WYO Parks staff snake education Summer 2022 at Sinks Canyon.

This past weekend, Castillo led a Latinx camping trip to Sinks Canyon near Lander. The group learned about first aid and how to deal with local wildlife such as snakes. The event was sponsored by Wyoming Parks and Recreation. Participants come from as far away as Denver.

Aubrey L. Morgan