Pride 2022: Hyde Park Black, Brown, trans-led organization Brave Space Alliance expands to South Shore, Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) — Brave Space Alliance CEO and founder LaSaia Wade is looking forward to renovating this 7,000 square foot space in South Shore, a neighborhood with a vibrant black LGBTQ+ community.

“You don’t ask people to come to you when they don’t have the resources to come to you. And I think it’s important that BSA stays true to its mission and its statement that we’re going to reach you. even in the deepest neighborhoods of Chicago,” she said.

The organization run by black and brown trans people is moving its programming and pantry from Hyde Park to 71st and Jeffrey.

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“I see liberation in this space,” Wade said.

The Hyde Park location will remain open.

“We’re still going to be there. There’s going to be programs. Hyde Park is turning into an administrative office,” Wade said.

BSA is also opening a second branch on the South Shore, a shelter that can accommodate up to 26 women and trans women. It will be located here near 79th and Saginaw.

“People say create spaces or have spaces for blacks and browns, but nobody creates those spaces,” Wade said.

So she took the lead in helping the trans community.

“We were able to pass different laws across the state of Illinois,” Wade said.

BSA plans to open the two South Shore facilities by the end of the year.

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Aubrey L. Morgan