Quad Cities organization offers formula assistance

MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) — Federal efforts are underway to make infant formula more available, and the FDA says relief is coming within days. But in the meantime, some parents could use local help to bridge the gap.

“We’re getting between 20 and 30 calls a day right now,” said Trisha Wilson, executive director of Pregnancy Resources Quad Cities. “With people looking to see if we know where the formula is available, or to see what type of formula we have in stock.”

The Quad Cities-based organization has been providing support to families with newborns for more than three decades, Wilson says it worked with more than 500 families last year.

“Sometimes everyone just needs a little extra helping hand,” Wilson said. “So we help all kinds of people from all kinds of diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds. It takes a village and we are delighted to be part of this village.

Thanks to generous donations from the community, their locations in Davenport and Moline both have a formula to offer.

“We have a one-can-a-day policy,” Wilson said. “If someone is running out of formula and we have the formula they need, all they have to do is drop by and we’re happy to give them a box of formula.”

Families who get formula from Pregnancy Resources tell them that scarcity isn’t the only factor in their path.

“We’ve seen an increase, our customers have reported an increase of about 30%,” Wilson said. “In the cost of formula milk and the cost of diapers. And 30%, when you have a very fixed income, is a lot.

If you want a formula from Pregnancy Resources, they ask you to call ahead to make sure they have the formula you’re looking for at 309-797-3636.

Still, if you can’t find a formula anywhere, there are other local resources for you. Many of these, such as breastfeeding counseling and financial assistance, are available through the Women, Infants and Children Program, also known as WIC.

“We’re your infant feeding experts, nobody has a baby and all of a sudden knows how to be a parent,” said Janet Hill, chief operating officer for the Rock Island County Health Department, who manages the WIC program for the county. “You have all kinds of concerns that you may not always want to call your doctor or medical provider to call us. You know we can help you.

Currently, families of four earning up to nearly $50,000 can qualify for the WIC program, but that limit is also increasing in June.

While the WIC program is operated by the Rock Island County Health Department on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities, it is operated by Community Health Care on River Drive for the Davenport area.

You can find more information about the Illinois WIC program by calling the county health department at 309-793-1955. For Iowa WIC questions, you can call Community Health Care at 563-322-1105.

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Aubrey L. Morgan