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Chief Abdullah Ocalan says that Qaraar (he is my hidden soul) and the leader of the People’s Defense Forces, HPG, Yasar Sarhad, explained in a statement to Firat news agency: “Chief Abdullah’s friendship Ocalan with Qaraar is a decision and it was historic and sacred, after Ocalan’s release from prison, you know starting with comrades Qaraar and Kemal Pir, where the two comrades talked about Chief Ocalan (he came first day and became the owner of the house on the second day), within the camaraderie of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the friendship of Kemal Pir and Haqi was a clear decision, which affected the firm and confident position of the leader Ocalan . Chief Ocalan talks about comrade Kemal Pir (I spoke with Kemal Pir for half an hour, but he fought till the end) and Qaraar (he is my hidden soul).

The PKK assessed Haqi Qarar as follows: “Comrade Haqi carried his bed on his back and left university last year. From the moment he realized the reality of the revolution in Kurdistan, he did not hesitate to go to our homeland, which he never knew, even for a moment… No. Those who know him closely forget that he wore the most elegant clothes and lived for months on lunch only, which consisted of a simple breakfast and nothing else. He was the source of inspiration for those around him to overcome all obstacles. They were running to wrestle with him.”

Who is Karaar?

Qaraar is of Turkish origin, born in 1950 in the Black Sea, in the district of Ordu-Olbay. He studied in elementary, middle and high school in the Olbay district. Then he moved to Ankara University, where he was influenced by the revolutionary movement, and got acquainted with the leader Abdullah Ocalan and Kemal Pir. He assumed the role of coordinator of revolutionary higher education in Ankara in 1973 and took his place in the activities he started with the Kurdish revolutionaries. He is one of the first to implement the decision to return to the homeland, which was taken at the historic meeting in 1976. He struggled in the ranks of the Kurdish people, especially among the working class of Batman d first and from Deluk later.

On May 18, 1977, Chief Haqi was assassinated by Alaeddin Kaban, who was a leftist spy in Turkey during the March 12 period.

The martyrdom of leader Haqi was a turning point in the history of Kurds, the Kurdistan region, democrats and supporters of coexistence. The popular masses fight for freedom, win the victory over the enemy and liberate Kurdistan. A year later, the creation of the PKK was announced in the village of (Fis) near the city of Amed on November 27, 1978. And the revolutionary movement began throughout Kurdistan, then the armed struggle which continues in this day in the face of Turkish aggression; May became known to the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the great people of Kurdistan as the month of martyrs, which witnessed the martyrdom of many revolutionaries, such as Haqqi Qaraar, Muhammad Qara Sangur and Ibrahim Bilgin.

People’s Congress co-chairman Ramzi Kartal said in a statement to our agency that Qaraar’s martyrdom was a decision that contributed to the creation of the PKK, and he said: “At that time, there was no no organization. The group conducts training and with the martyrdom of Qaraar, the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, decided to create the organization.

Ramzi Kartal explained that the enemy realized the presence of Chief Abdullah’s group and that he had an activity, and to stop this activity he was targeted. He said: “The leader realized that this attack was aimed at the group and said the appropriate response was to form an organization and take action in support of the freedom struggle.”

With the martyrdom of Qaraar, the line of betrayal in Kurdistan reappeared, represented by the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, which, since its foundation and until our days, has turned into a tool in the hands of the enemies of the Kurds and the causes Kurdish, from the Iranian Shah, to Saddam Hussein and successive Turkish regimes. And the best example is its participation now alongside Turkey in attacks against self-defense areas in southern Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party maintains close relations with the intelligence services of the occupied countries

Ramzi Kartal pointed out that there has been a close relationship between the Turkish intelligence services and the Kurdistan Democratic Party since ancient times: “The one who murdered him was a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and he founded the so- saying Red Star Organization, for the purpose of assassinating him by decision of the Turkish Secret Service (MIT).”

Kartal indicated that there are strong links and relations between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the intelligence services of the occupying countries of Kurdistan, as well as the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian intelligence services, and that the purpose of these relations is to strike the struggle of the Kurdish people in these parts. Oni and his fellow East Kurdistan revolutionaries, at the request of the Iranian state, and their bodies were handed over to Iran.

Ramzi Kartal noted that the PDK does not evolve as a political party, but in fact as a family party represented by the Barzanis family. Everything is in the hands of the family, and said: “The KDP is run according to family interests.”

People’s Congress Co-Chairman Ramzi Kartal confirmed that the Barzani family has sacrificed everything in Kurdistan in the name of their family interests, and they are making deals with all the occupying countries of Kurdistan.

The line of betrayal must be eliminated

Ramzi Kartal underlined that “the Barzani family has become a calamity that befalls the Kurdish people”.

Ramzi Kartal referred to the cooperation and support that the Kurdistan Democratic Party is now giving to the Turkish occupation state, and said: “Now the betrayal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, its support and cooperation with the Turkish state of Turkish occupation, have become evident to the public and the Kurdish people.This betrayal which threatens the achievements of the Kurdish people that they have obtained must be denounced.

Kartal stressed the need to liquidate the betrayal line and said: “If this line is not liquidated, the way will not open to solve the Kurdish question and the freedom of the Kurdish people, so the fight against this betrayal must be intensified. To stand against the line of betrayal is to stand up to the enemy himself.”



Aubrey L. Morgan