Rochester organization lends warmth, helping hand

ROCHESTER, NY – Nearly half of all children in Rochester live in poverty, according to the US Census Bureau. To combat this problem, a non-profit organization helps those in need as winter approaches

“I just spent time crocheting different hats, and I like making them to try to keep people’s heads warm in the winter,” said volunteer Jacqui Dummer.

Safe in His Arms Ministries is a non-profit organization that helps families with resources and support.

“A need to serve the community,” said Melissa Adams, founder of Safe in His Arms Ministries. “There’s so much going on in Rochester, there’s a lot of disparity. And I just wanted to be able to show my community some love.

As many of its employees and volunteers see first hand the poverty within the community.

“I also drive school buses,” said Safe in His Arms Ministries Treasurer Daphine Hawkins. “So I see two kids with no coats, no socks and different items like that. So I know there’s a need not just in this community, all over Rochester.

And as winter approaches, they offer free clothing and hygiene products.

“Some of the kids go to school in old clothes, use clothes or the same outfit every day,” Adams said. “It helps their self-esteem to be able to be supported. So by giving them, we have used coats, but we bought a lot of new coats.

They lend a helping hand as the temperatures cool.

“I know it’s a little early and people don’t like getting up early on Saturday mornings, myself included,” Hawkins said. “But I mean, just to see everyone, my heart is just blessed for that.”

The hearts of volunteers stay warm all year round.

“When I help those who are less fortunate than me, it reminds me of my own humanity and how I could be the one looking for support and I want to be able to do that for others,” Adams said.

Aubrey L. Morgan