San Antonio organization offers alternatives to abortion after Supreme Court ruling

SAN ANTONIO – A local organization is in favor of the United States Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade.

San Antonio Coalition for Life has worked for 15 years to end abortion.

“It was a very emotional day, and my whole morning was filled with ups and downs,” said Cathy Nix, executive director of the San Antonio Coalition for Life.

Nix said that since 2007 the group has tried to let women know that there are options other than abortion.

“Our challenge over the past 15 years has been to raise awareness of the resources that are truly available to help women know that there are other alternatives,” Nix said. “There are options so that abortion doesn’t become her only choice, because it’s not a choice at all.”

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Nix said with Friday’s decision, the coalition will move forward to strengthen its pregnancy care centers that offer health screenings, STD tests and more information.

“All kinds of information, post-abortion, miscarriage information. We are funding these centers – diapers, formula and anything a woman needs to help her through her pregnancy will be the things we will be focusing on,” Nix said.

The group also teaches women about natural family planning, which they call fertility awareness methods.

“These are science-based tools that help women with their fertility, whether they’re hoping to conceive or hoping to avoid pregnancy,” Nix said.

The San Antonio Coalition for Life also encourages women facing an unexpected pregnancy to contact one of its centers.

“If she chooses to parent or if she chooses to be adopted, we have help with that as well,” Nix said. “That’s what the Texas Legislature approved. There’s tons of money going to alternative abortion places. There’s help for everything, so we want them to know that. .

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