School of Data Science joins a prestigious social impact organization | UTSA today | UTSA

The transdisciplinary professors composing the UTSA SDS team will create innovative courses for students with special needs.

“We plan to leverage data analytics, the Internet of Things, and visualization as tools to develop and promote inclusive data science education at UTSA, San Antonio, and around the world. ‘State of Texas’, said Jianwei Niu, Associate Dean of University College. Niu, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the College of Science, will be one of 30 world-class faculty members of the new School of Data Science when it opens in January 2023.

The work of the Capacity Accelerator Network is a personal mission for Rocky Slavinassistant professor of computer science who identifies as Hispanic, is first generation, and a member of the main faculty of SDS.

“This new partnership through gives us a chance to embrace other backgrounds and communities and offer our own experiences to a wider network of partners looking for real social impact,” Slavin said.

Niu added, “In particular, the proposed work will focus on developing and delivering a data science curriculum for people with special needs, enabling UTSA School of Data Science to become a pioneer in efforts of “data science for all”.

Data science departments from California State University, Fresno, City Colleges of Chicago, Howard University, Morehouse College, North Carolina State University, and University of Illinois at Chicago join UTSA as part of the Capacity Accelerator Network collaboration.

The University of Chicago, which played a key role in setting up the collaboration, will help organize the Capacity Accelerator Network, which emphasizes diversity, equity and inclusion.

The seven institutions will meet regularly over the next 18 months to share the results of their lessons and learning modules, ultimately creating a program from their collective experience.

“Great advances in science are made by individuals who seek to impact people and the world around them, but we make even greater advances when we bring people and ideas together through interdisciplinary collaboration,” said Slavin.

The UTSA School of Data Science is on a mission to train the best data scientists and lead the country in data-intensive research. The school’s vision is to increase access and inclusion in a field of low diversity by producing data scientists who can make the world more equitable, informed and safe.

Aubrey L. Morgan