Some members of the Boston Red Sox organization believe ownership erred with Xander Bogaerts’ weak contract offer

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Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts has expressed a desire to stay with the organization long-term, but that all changed following a contract offer made this offseason. While the MLB star is now expected to test the open market and likely leave, it appears some within the organization believe someone is at fault.

Under his current contract, Bogaerts can opt out this offseason to become one of MLB’s top free agents in 2023. That’s something many in Boston have wanted to avoid, leading the team to offer an extension that would have added an additional year to the contract for $30 million.

Viewed by Bogaerts agent Scott Boras and the industry as a low-ball proposition, the door is now closed on in-season extension talks. With the All-Star infielder now the subject of trade rumours, it appears some within the organization believe an ownership mistake is proving costly.

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“There are voices in the organization that are really, really hoping that team ownership is willing to admit that the spring offer to Bogaerts of a one-year extension was a big mistake and pay the price. local shortstop,

ESPN’s Buster Olney on the perception of Xander Bogaerts’ contract offer by some within the Boston Red Sox organization

If Bogaerts accepted the deal, he would be locked into a four-year deal worth $90 million. Simply put, a $22.5 million AAV deal was never going to do it. What many baseball players view as a bad attempt to expand a key member of the franchise seems to be a shared opinion within the organization.

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Will the Boston Red Sox re-sign Xander Bogaerts?

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Property criticism is not new. The Red Sox are no longer one of the biggest payroll leaders of MLB teams. While they rank sixth in the majors, Boston’s payroll is $17 million behind the San Diego Padres, $33 million behind the Philadelphia Phillies and nearly $50 million under the Yankees. from New York.

  • Xander Bogaerts stats (2022): .336/.395/.482, 21 runs scored, .876 OPS, 157 wRC+

The Mookie Betts trade still bothers many fans and is likely remembered by many in the clubhouse. Boston had the opportunity to keep a local player and things didn’t work out. Now, history seems destined to repeat itself with the Red Sox coming out of it even worse in 2022.

Bogaerts won’t even think of discussing an extension with Boston before the offseason. While the Red Sox will have a few days until free agency begins, at which time Boras will encourage his client to test out the open market.

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If the Red Sox can’t turn things around by July, faced with the inevitability of their star shortstop walking in free agency, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Bogaerts traded before the August deadline.

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